MY Animal Farm

By UnkleBus
There once was a farm, on a mountain’s foot it lay unbeknownst of its village surroundings. With such unpronounced glamour it once stood, indeed amidst the dreary air of staleness and stench from an old spring that had lost its lustre, no different from the farm itself.

One would hardly dare point a finger at the farmer, for his lack in amiably keeping farm. If you know what I mean. Ol’ Mckeroo spent time pondering and missing his dearly departed wife, gazing blankly at her antique China porcelain displayed boldly on the mantelpiece above the fire in his den. Such as, I am digressing here therefore I shall get back to my story of Ol’ Mckeroo and his dishevel of a farm and its fellow residents.

Ol’ Mckeroo’s favour rested solely on his feline, Cat and rooster, Cockerel. Cat was found straying north of Ol’ Mckeroo’s farm, when he found her. His pity with such graciousness reached out to her, and that’s how Cat came to belong to the Mckeroo Farm. Cockerel on the other hand had always been flying from village farm to another; having had no reason nor did affirmation which farm it preferred best. Til Cat befriended Cockerel and persuaded it to stay, with Cat’s power of persuasion (and curiosity) she had learnt along the way from the many villages she had put up with. With similar interests and backgrounds to share from around the village-kind, Cat and Cockerel soon became the best of acquaintances and playmates. They lived happily, until…one day curiosity killed the Cat.

Cockerel was dispirited and mooned about the house with hopes of seeking consolation from Mckeroo. Mckeroo subdued Cockerel with gentle strokes, words of comfort and fed it top grain.

Cockerel, being a cock wandered about the farm with its pompous yet tarnished air; and went back to its old habit of never staying put at one farm. It sought greater heights, albeit the fact that there was only so far it could flap its wings. Cockerel knew of its impairment but was determined for the rest of the farm animals never to lose their devotion towards it; especially in the eyes of Farmer Mckeroo. As it flapped and flapped from village farms to suburban farms, it was always discontented with what it saw. It thought the best of itself, for innate it was…for a cock to be cocky. Alas, perching on the manifold of fences visited, Cockerel was shot dead by 2 farmers whose dividing fence between both farmers’ lands Cockerel perched on.

Mckeroo died soon after from the shattering loneliness and loss of his 2 favourite animals. He felt incompetent, as even his Horse could not be led to water. After years of leading and bringing the Horse to water, Mckeroo realized he could not make Horse drink. Much indecisiveness revolved around Horse drinking water; sometimes not. It was difficult as Horse never gave a straight face for an answer. Only Mares had that power over Horse. Such disillusion fragmented the air in Mckeroo Farm. After Mckeroo’s death, the remaining inhabitants in Mckeroo Farm grew famished and perished. This included Horse as its stubbornness and refusal to drink water when guided…did this time lead Horse to kick the bucket.

ahhhhhhh, hehhhhhh!!!!

By UnkleBus
it is that time of year again, when people flail arms in the air, bumping each other at shopping malls and brashly braving the crowd... like that miscreant from home alone, singing in voices only a mother could love and rushing for the last piece of turkey. yes, it is that time of year again...

Christmas.. let's foolishly proclaim the happiness under twinkling of stars; and might I add they were aplenty. Christmas trees, Christmas luncheons, Christmas, bah. I ain't no Grinch, though it's an absolute flinch to sigh "AHHHHH, HEHHHHHH". Oh I do smell the ol' new season, 'twas I say... it's time to jump at the opportune to play host and christmassy snowy flaky turkey.

this year no different but it holds no bars nor bars no holds except for what the normal weather man (or shall we say person, *ehem*) says it should be; a season to be celebrated with friends and family, rather sheepishly for burrowing into frosty topsoil where the snowman sits comfortably until spring when it melts leaving twigs, coloured pebbles and of course a carrot brings frowns on the brows of the merry green men.

yes, what say you that problems that ever exist never exist during this period, nor with the flood of unusual... wait... I think bizarre be (or peculiar a better vernacular of choice) sms about the festive season abound... incoming!!! Ho ho ho... but the origin OR ... get this... reason be behind it, remains mystery we all celebrate and cover ourselves in joy and laughter and the occasional bowl of rather bland broth (well, bland if you should so compare it to the broth of the north) and yup...

it is the season to rhyme. to put away all fears, show everyone we are doing "Ayy Oww Kay", present a smiley face and naturally celebrate!

This season WE wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a Happier New Year. I've made my wish a long time ago, it came true, and then some! so wrap your pressie with care, think not of the price! because it's easier for the king's & queen's men & horses to do the running than it is for Humpty Dumpty to break his fall on a hot day with an oiled pavement.



By UnkleBus
Malaysia has been selected as the host country for the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Global Services Centre.

where's the lizard?

By UnkleBus
it's between dyslexic and dysfunctional.

No wonder they consider themselves crooked. Now lemme get one thing straight (no pun intended but if you wish, then its fine by me)... this is not to lambast the entire group but rather the select and elite few elevated from levels of the norm, human-dom to the heights of uppe-de-bumme (be it lazy or not).

but what can I say that I've not already said? that the level he would stoop to would disgrace mankind? What sane person would try all those silly childish tricks and then say "you need a man just like me"? I know only one person and he isn't the hairiest of the bunch. Take a closer look at thy fine self. A wife that would not even talk to you. A child that doesn't know her own father? You speak poison to everyone and those who are left in the dark continue to think you are a friend.

But is that news to you? perhaps...

For those caught in the crossfire, I don't blame you. We don't blame you. A lame shrew couldn't have seen it coming, what with all that smoke in your eyes and your slowed response. An air vent the size of Chicago couldn't clear the air infront of you. Though blessed you are with one, you have a knack of misusing it. Caught between a rock and a hard place you made the choice and used the 10+ years to your advantage, Oh and what an advantage it got you.

So where were we?

ah yes, apparently the dyslexic and dysfunctional have teamed up to form a rather profound alliance. Admit it, you like it! you enjoy the attention although deep down you know she'll suffocate you ;) Bah, anyway that's another story.

I've got a short attention span, so for now I'll leave it and continue later. Angst has to be nurtured with calm. heh ;)

I'm bringing angsty back

By UnkleBus
[Verse 1]
I’m bringing angsty back
Them other boys don’t know how to act
You think you're convivial, software architect?
Don’t turn around coz your face’s so slack

Take 'em to the bridge

Slutty babe
You say betrayal
But you didn’t say
That you were poison and you misbehaved
You say you’re out; you’re not play’n this game

Yeah right! What game?!

Go there girl
Go ahead, be gone with it
Come to the back
Go ahead, be gone with it
Go ahead, be gone with it
Drinks on what?
Go ahead, be gone with it
You don’t know who you’re messin’ with
Go ahead, be gone with it
Look at those hips
Go ahead, be gone with it
You make me cringe
Go ahead, be gone with it
Go ahead bitch
Go ahead, be gone with it
And get your bekside gone
Go ahead, be gone with it

Get your bekside gone
Go ahead, be gone with it
[Repeat 6 times]

Get your bekside gone

[Verse 2]
I’m bringing angsty back
Them other fuckers don’t know how to act
Come let me make up for the things you lack
'Cause you think you’re cunning but you’re up your crack

Take 'em to the bridge



[Verse 3]
I’m bringing angsty back
You mother fuckers watch how I attack
Your wife don’t like you don’t come out and act
Cause she’ll burn you up for free and that’s a fact
Take 'em to the chorus



By UnkleBus
What is this, intentions were declared? what; marking your territory? this isn't high school where one can stick a poster declaring it's his/her locker room when in one's presence you know. People grow... wait... I mean grow up. So what if you declare intentions? All bets are off? bet meaning an inclusion of bet-rayal? go stuff your face. or your cave. i rhyme. i like.

Just simple vindications slap you in your face, yet again... you don't have to justify your excuse. If in any dissimulating manner of yours that'd like to evict itself from betrayal, it's called dignity, in which you lack completely. Look it up in the dick-tionary. Besides, you are familiar with those grounds.

Someone tell me please, oh please, since when was it that when you said something and that it had to be that way? Your way? You ain't no Frank Sinatra. You AIN'T A CELEBRITY as YOU ALWAYS CLAIM TO BE. REALITY CHECK. Your claim to fame is as unsightly as a supposed "drunkard" leaning up against the wall licking an ice cube with one eye open. *ugh*

Even if you have a built-in dustbin, suitable for a game of tissue disposal (which brings you the attention you crave), it does not grant you a position above us mere mortals. So in the end, what goes around comes back around and for what it's worth everything happens for a reason


Almost famous

By UnkleBus
*read with chinese accent*

what is famous in ss2????

issit murni?

issit ze selera malam?


wong kok char chan tengggg?

yesss... correct
what is famous in jln alor????

beef bawl newdels?

cheecane weeengz?


Mangows lolows??

yesss... corrrrrect...


what abouts ss8???? *jeng jeng jenggggg*

issit a secret? issit bizkit? bizkit, where's the lizard????

issit sesame yau char kwai???

or is it the chau tau foooooooooooooooooooo???


it is ze seafood chowderrr???


*note: garlic bread not included, sesame yau char kwai only on sat and sun is available!! (while stock last)

thanks muchly

this is my locker room, so my territory. bizkit, do you want to go owtsideeee??? INNNNN-SIDE! i said... IN IN IN...NOW!!! *wag wag wag*

By UnkleBus

its been a while since there has been anything here and lemme say that it's all been good. so far that is :)

I tried facebook for a bit, then disabled it for a bit, now i'm back on it. What i didn't get was the stupid apps, booze, vampires and shit. that was until scrabulous.

it is fucking addictive la biatch.

how liddat...

how liddat...

how liddat...

play lah! aburthen


some samui

By UnkleBus

The entire team plus our agency set off to Koh Samui last weekend for brand academy. We stayed at Centara Resort, a heck of a long way from the so called "happening" area was. From the looks of it, Centara caters mainly for honeymoon couples. Yup private bungalows, showers with skylights, etc. I'm a little too lazy to explain the entire trip so here are some pics :P

Thats Roen goofing around with Joleen. Free in-airport (subang only) porter service *grin*

Yup I think we all prayed for our lives when we saw this

We left by berjaya air and arrived there 2 hours later. By the time we got the the resort it was already night; we stopped by a hypermarket to stock up on alcohol and junk food.

Before. You don't even want to know what the after picture looks like

Buffet by the sea, and sand in your shoe. Perfect.

They had a nice buffet spread, grilled rock lobster, shark meat and barracuda amongst others. It was a good compared the the crap we had on the plane. One measly swiss roll and an egg sandwich WITH PINEAPPLE *ugh*

How lovely. Me and my roomie Roen (see above) loved it (not to sound dodgy)

After dinner and checking in, the rooms are lovely btw. Skylight shower and throne. They even have a lil pot thingy for you to stare at and contemplate life while you take a dump (sorry no pic tho, I need my full attention while conducting business...). The next morning we could really see what the place was all about. At night its a damn maze of stairs, 2 million steps uphill to the reception or something like that.

Nice? yeah but damn hot lah

Nice view

Then we went shopping

Ok so that was kinda like day 1? I'm getting it mixed up already. The shopping there is EXACTLY the same as phuket. Except they've 1 7-11 for every 2 KM or something like that. Crazy.

Ok I'm really lazy now. Pics with captions only from here. HAHA. Enjoy!

Alex and the imaginary flaming lambo

Joachim, trying to psycho us to drink, and it worked

Zuhdi, Lam & me

Group Pic, the entire team I think?

Taken at Raggae Bar, how we ended up there I have NO idea...

Nourishment for our poor selves, after a hard night of partying

Green mango opposite purple pinapple, beside pink papaya. (Kidding about the last 2)

Bar solo was particularly nice, DJ Pull played electro house and it was a far cry from the R&B and Hip-hop of green mango. It wasn't too crowded so we had the upstairs all to ourselves. We ended up here on our last night.

Dik & Franchesca

Zuhdi got his groove on

Tini & Lam

Brian and Jessy

über suck series!

By UnkleBus

Yea, yor enlgish is über suck!

p/s: Send me cat photos, so I can add them to the über suck series

Sawadee kapppppppp

By UnkleBus
say it like ccraaabb kaakk

Hello all from beautiful island of Samui, brought to you by the tourism board of Thailand and Berjaya Air... we bring you the SSS a.k.a silly survivor series. Participants have to endure days of physical torture; running with massive coconuts between thier legs (shakes hands and goes *OoOooo*), catching water balloons with thier bare hands (shakes hands and goes *OoOooo*), whacking the volleyball of death with, again, their barehands (shakes hands and goes *OoOooo*), have their legs tied together and running away from a crazy ass monkey (shakes hands and goes *OoOooo*) and filling an empty bottle with algae & bacteria laden water (shakes hands and goes *OoOooo*). At night participants are mentally tortured and made to dodge alcohol shots, getting thrown and drowning in the murky depths of the pool and endless puffs of ciggarette smoke.

Ok so its not so "drama" but whats life without a little drama?

ok la malas already, so much drama. damn malas to layan drama hor?

post later, drink coconut juice now. ciao

Goo goo dolls - Before its too late

By UnkleBus

I wander through fiction to look for the truth
Buried beneath all the lies
and I stood at a distance
To feel who you are
Hiding myself in your eyes

and hold on before it's too late
Until we leave this behind
Don't fall just be who you are
It's all that we need in our lives

and the risk that might break you
Is the one that would save
A life you don't live is still lost
So stand on the edge with me
Hold back your fear and see
Nothing is real 'til it's gone

Hold on before its too late
Until we leave this behind
Don't fall just be who you are
It's all that we need in our lives

So live like you mean it
Love 'til you feel it
It's all that we need in our lives
So stand on the edge with me
Hold back your fear and see
Nothing is real 'til it's gone

Hold on before its too late
Until we leave this behind
Don't fall just be who you are
It's all that we need in our lives

Hold on before its too late
Until we leave this behind
Don't fall just be who you are
It's all that we need in our lives

It's all that we need in our lives
It's all that I need in my life


By UnkleBus
If you had to squeeze between the table, chair, myself and the wall at starbucks, half stooped over the power plug, hand extended holding just a few inches away your notebook's power brick ready to plug in, wouldn't you say excuse me first?

but wait...

IF you had to squeeze between the table, chair, myself and the wall at starbucks, half stooped over the power plug, hand extended holding just a few inches away your notebook's power brick ready to plug in, is it really necessary then to ask me if I want to use the power plug?

No there's more

IFFFFFF you had to squeeze between the table, chair, myself and the wall at starbucks, half stooped over the power plug, hand extended holding just a few inches away your notebook's power brick ready to plug in, and managed to, is it really be necessary to hum out of tune your favorite song?

I came here for some peace of mind.

Ahhhh... Starbucks... pissed off mind


first a loud talking china dude.

now a loud talking indon lady.


Lets get it started!

By UnkleBus
To start where I left of, since October '95. Can't believe it's been almost 2 years since then :)


Fucking hell, why the "eyer never wait for me" line all the time.

Do you know how much problems YOU cause!?


Sheesh. the fucking world does not revolve around you and your case of self pity.

First you disrespect her (remember Passion a year back?), then when you meet her again obviously you don't remember and were so genuinely fake. "Ohhh Hiiiiiiiiiii... finallyyy I get to meet you..."

Not to mention all the other creepy stuff that happened that same night. And were YOU the one who complained about our public displays of affection and that I have no time for YOU?


Just fucking stay away lah ok, If you have nothing good to say then just shut it. Other people can afford lives and not wallow self pity.

and just so you know, I'm sarcastic and can take in heaps of shit. But this time I'm not and if I'm saying it in this manner, I fucking mean it.

p/s: if you need someone to tell you in the face for it to really sink in then that day is approaching.

eh... fring you too

By UnkleBus
after I dun wanna fring u then u know...

blardy fring! fring properly cannot issit!

like dat la now... after 10 years of being frings

woah, check out the fring on that chick...

why u wear those glasses?? not fring la that style

bling is so old skool, coz fring is the new cool...

p/s: shameless fringing in progress, with the unusual ah-beng accent

ATB - Ecstasy

By UnkleBus

Have you ever noticed,
That I’m not acting as I used to do before?
Have you ever wondered,
Why I always keep on coming back for more?

What have you done to me,
I’ll never be the same I'll tell you for sure

I’ll never be the same I'll tell you for sure
I’ll never be the same I'll tell you for sure

You really are my ecstasy,
My real life fantasy,(x 2)

Not that I’m complaining,
A more beautiful vision - I have never seen
If you don’t mind me saying,
A lifelong ambition to fulfill my dream

What have you done to me,
I’ll never be the same I'll tell you for sure

I’ll never be the same I'll tell you for sure
I’ll never be the same I'll tell you for sure

You really are my ecstasy,
My real life fantasy, oh yeah

You really are my ecstasy,
My real life fantasy, oh yeah

(There can be no other While we still have each other)
(There can be no other
While we still have each other)

You really are my ecstasy,
(There can be no other
While we still have each other)
My real life fantasy, oh yeah

Harry Pothead and His Raging Hormones

By UnkleBus
Harry pothead found his hormones and his crew were at it again. Is it just me or does the "one-who-should-not-be-named" also plan his attacks according to the holidays? Well you see everything starts when they're on break. Always. So the dark lord does celebrate the holidays with the rest of the kids... or at least follows the schedule lightly.

Anyway We caught the movie last night at Cineleisure and as usual for a Friday night it was packed. It was around 2 hours plus. Two hours of character building and the "plus" for the final fight scene. 2 stinking hours to wait for some action. Ok la, there are some scenes here and there that will jostle you from your seat, peppered with suspense and then *jeng jeng jeng*. You know what I mean? yes yes...

But I found some scenes too abrupt for my liking; Potter sleeping, tossing and turning and the next you know it, he's already at the ministry for his trial. At that point I didn't know if he were still dreaming or not. I've not read the book so I don't know what happened in between. They go about their business till some wicked (and frankly I think stellar performance) pink thing comes and takes over the school.

Thats when he decides to break out of his oh "I'm so noble I don't wanna get you in trouble" act cause (because I think he really believes it!) and gets the others involved. Big underground student magic lesson/movement ensues, boy kisses girl, small band of rebels forge ahead, band of cohorts get trapped in trap (oh I just did it didn't I? hehe), almost lose to wicked long blonde hair dude, gets saved by some order of a burning pheasant, goes off to fight "he who would not be made fun of his nose", gets saved by dude with long white curly beard to have phoenix members and ministry show up at last possible moment to witness.


So the last bit where Dumbledorf faces off (no pun intended) Voldermort is superb. It reminded me of the fight between Gandalf the Grey and Saruman the White in Lord of the Rings but with much much more effects thrown into it. This scene is worth the 2 hour wait. The huge fire dragon Voldermort conjured up and the way he used the shattered glass to attack was out of this world. Dumbledore was no slouch either. His elemental water ball thing and how he shielded Potter from the glass shards was very impressive.

I think this is how all wizard fight scenes will be judged against in the future. They've really come a long way since the first potter kid's flick and if it weren't for the fact that my ego wont allow me to say I love the movie, I'd say I love the movie, so I wont say it... haha but yes yes the final scene does pull its chops and surpassed my expectations and even if you hate the Potter series, fantasy flick aficionados must see the final fight scene.

Nature or Innate-ture??

By UnkleBus
bah. one word describes more than perfectly the synchronisation of my post title. Again, a "mind-fucking" query humans should look within themselves as a cross-check time and again. Ironically, Gabriel and Dresden's "Organised Nature" has overplayed in her mind in her subconscious and conscious state, may I add. How organised can one try to override another if she isn't organised in her dis-acknowledgement of shortcomings (pun intended).
Frankly, it is an impeccable feat dictating behaviours or dresscodes of others when a simple glance at the mirror could make the difference. But then again, if you actually had the simplicity of nature to patch cracked mirrors before you. I speak in philosophical terms, with the innate (in a positive tone - agility and gracefulness) and courteous manner, simply implying that you have to accept yourself for your preposterous lack of judgement on yourself. The difference lies directly between you and others: your innateness (in a negative light however - undesirable and congenital deformity.. yes it's a deformity because you consistently fail to accept criticism of yourself or others upon you, thus acknowledgement of your weaknesses fail to exist) to scorn, defame and whine about globe trotters ANNOYS the hell out of those who genuinely care about you. But your innateness fetches further to disgust friends who have lent ears and time for your impassive wimps and fancies.

Solution: Run to ol' mommy and daddy (if they'd entertain you) OR dispose of your self-pity mode, rid the complaining tactics and deal with matters like an adult. Besides you're 23 years of age. Now, that's what I call organised nature. RID the innateness to blame and annoy others of your pathetic failure to deal with reality.

my fuel cell

By UnkleBus
"is powered by alcohol" I say...

but its running low these days.

Believe it or not, but I abstained from BEER!!!!11 the night before the operation.

Aiyoh, I've no anger in me these days. I mean, I have to blog... for all of you... my three loyal blog readers... but the spark just isn't there! haha

but its good feeling this good!

Yes yes! :)

p/s: Did you notice that the kids from Me, Myself and Irene are in Transformers? eheheh...

it had to go sooner or later

By UnkleBus
I had tonsillectomy a few days back. My tonsils have been bugging me since a few years back but ever since this job, it's gotten really bad. I had fallen ill to tonsillitis a number of times this year alone. Fed up, I elected for surgery to have them removed.

The surgery lasted about an hour and was quite fun initially. The anaesthetist injected about a half full large syringe of some clear liquid and moments later there was a tingling sensation in my arm. Everything looked normal at first I wanted to tell him how I felt but as soon as opened my mouth I was speaking in slow motion. He just grinned back and proceeded to inject a little bit more. I blinked and I was back in my room, flashes of me being wheeled from the operation theatre still in my mind.

I don't remember seeing my surgeon coming into the room. Too bad no trip though coz I would have paid a lot more! y'know; surgery cum vacation, heh. Anyway I was bleeding still when I woke up, chunks of blood flying when I coughed, etc. You don't need to know what else but it was rather painless. Getting tonsillitis is worse than removing it. Even the IV needle didn't hurt. (the nurse took it out today and I noticed it was quite bent *grin*)

The food sucked as usual but everything else was great especially the company. Now almost a week after surgery my throat's still sore, but only in the morning. I think I'm on the road to recovery? I damn well hope so.


By UnkleBus
Hello University of Texas, Galveston, Texas, United States!

Hello Opera Software ASA, Oslo, Norway!

Hello Google, Mountain View, California, United States!

How y'all doin'?

drop me a line ;)

A moment's silence

By UnkleBus

*Note: No animals were hurt in the production of this hoax obituary

I just have to say something...

By UnkleBus
I can't help it... my inner wiseass is just dying to say something. Something about something. Maybe nothing about something, or everything about nothing. Who knows?

/bitch_mode on

Wah lau, so "fierce" ah? *snap* I can even imagine you doing that stare that would rock the core of many a mere mortal. Combine that with an attitude and all the love in the world I think any enemy you face would either die by your hand or drop dead in their tracks confused.

/bitch_mode off

Sorry sorry, I think I can do better than that...

/bitch_mode on

But then again, all the love in the world ain't enough to save your life if you change the music!! I mean it. Don't change it or else I'll be damn pissed lor. Pissed enough to revoke your share holdings in All the love in the world Sdn. Bhd. where I'm the GM and CEO.

And yes I need everyone to know... I'm a Gangstaaaaa.. you see me like dis? u betta be afraidddddd coz i'll gnaw you till you bleed foo! and not only that I'll psychologically torture you by telling you how my day at work went and how my clients are arses! It's worse than the ancient Chinese practice of water torture.

AND If that's not enough I'll unveil my secret weapon!!!! How the influence of lighting affects moods in a study of 3 dimensional pixelated farts!!! HARRR!!!11one

mahai, sure die one

/bitch_mode off

Anyway I'm headed to ops on Wed to get my tonsils removed. Then there will be heaps of ice cream to devour.

Hmm I suddenly feel so drained, as though I've been bitching the whole day. Weird... it must be the weather.

*NOTE: All characters portrayed are purely fictional. UnkleBUS holds no responsibility though this IS his blog. An evil spirit took over him and ate his pet tortoise. Any resemblance to real-life person(s) is pretty fucked up.

worst case scenario

By UnkleBus
Everything in my mind is a jumble. A mile high unstable pile of thoughts and fears, ready to fall flat at any moment. Deflated monkey, insulated crustacean, I think so, but at this rate of it piling up with no solution in sight (just yet; that I hope so badly for) I think my mind will dissolve into fairly gunky stuff and pretty soon too.

Not that it's a bad thing, quite common in fact. Having my noodle turn to sludge relieves me from the duty of actually noticing "ppls drama" (yes yes, you read me right harrrr!). Recently how many "ppls drama" of the third dimension have we seen? From those super-masculine-i-know-it-all but soft-like-fudge-cannot-decide-on-the-inside, to the i-must-hear-myself-speak-every-3nanoseconds, to the i-dont-care-infront-of-you but behind-you-i-just-must-know-what-everyone-said, etc. How manyyyyyy?!!?

Not that I don't have my own shit to deal with right?

The 3 different species, of whatever expect to be shovelled in the face all the goodness that a one year old gets, spoon fed mashed bananas and mothers milk.

Woah... like seriously dude.

Just DEAL. People have even written songs about it like FIX YOU by coldplay. Yes I really want to fix you but I just couldn't be arsed enough. Slightly more and I would lah honestly, but spinning around in circles for 20 minutes is definitely more comfortable.

But this topic is getting old, its getting worn. I feel the mental drain, I've got my own shit so you play on your side, I play on mine mmkay?

TTHTC volume 2

By UnkleBus

Andre with an eerie glow @ Zouk

4AM sunday morning?

By UnkleBus
You know it gets nasty when the mozzie's descend on you like pearl harbour.

So I'm awake now, I had a dream. Nightmare really, because I know in real life somehow I couldn't have managed an almost perfect drift round the hairpin at monza with my peugeot 307. Or was it a road similar to that? Maybe was me going in the opposite direction because I was going uphill and not to mention the car is semi-auto. Anyway a chase ensued and the floating blood suckers made up for the high pitched whine of the engine. So if there were 5 mozzies buzzing around would that make my dream dolby 5.1 compliant? My ass would make a superb woofer ya know, *pffft*

Just the other day, I prayed.

Second time in my entire life have I done that. First was a weak attempt for divine intervention during my add math paper for SPM, c'mon... don't deny you haven't tried it before! Admit it, admit it!!11oneone I mean IT'S ADD MATH, to get anything other than a F9 would require divine intervention. Well at least it sort of worked, in a weird way because I think I got a C6 for it. But at the end of it I didn't fulfil a promise I made. The second one worked too, coincidence or what?

anyways (bah) to you too

I'm beating round the bush, pulling the cat's tail, heaving the heavy sack (not to sound dodgy) right now. I want to tidor but my better half ain't with me to hear me bitch all about it. I'm amazed at her ability to listen to me blab and rant. Actually I'm amazed fullstop. I'm also amazed that I can blab and rant at the same time. hahah.... ok uncalled for, sorry. Since I have so much angst I need to crack a wiseass joke here and there. So angsty I've become I can say it over and over again

Angst, Angst


Tyler aNGst

yesheemel comma one one angst

"a study of typo by angsty ng"

So to mamak or not?

It's 6AM now and my brother is awake, and I want dim sum.

Now Reading...

By UnkleBus
Is the woman smiling or not?

My brother passed me the book and out of sheer boredom I read the first couple of pages. Ended up reading the next few chapters. It speaks about human nature and the study of all (errm, almost all) things quirky; like how generally people are quick and willing to accept facts about themselves that put them in a good light, how your birth date influences your life, etc.

With all the recent drama, who wouldn't want to know more or why? Wiseman (I think his name itself is an experiment to see if it drives sales) is funny and offbeat in the mad scientist way, which is fine by me since he is a professor and they're all kinda mad anyway.

How does your surname influence your life?

What does the way you walk reveal about your personality?

Why should women have men write their personal ads?

What is the funniest joke in the world?

Why are people in Delhi more helpful than Londoners?

How can you tell when someone is lying?

Why do incompetent politicians win elections?

What is the best chat-up line?

For over twenty years, psychologist Prof Richard Wiseman has examined the quirky science of everyday life. He has spent nights in allegedly haunted houses, conducted clandestine experiments in over 30 countries, and dressed up in a giant chicken suit. Here, he describes his adventures into the backwaters of human behaviour, and pays tribute to others who have carried out similarly weird and wonderful work. Presenting a fresh look at the fascinating phenomenon that is your life, this is the definitive guide to what happens when scientists misbehave. Like Freakonomics? Then you will love Quirkology.

I couldn't put it down, and you know how much I actually read... if you don't include electronic media, close to nothing. Recommended read coz I sayz so.


By UnkleBus
I am Ecstatic!

I'm so figgin HAPPY LAH

yes yes candy canes

my little pony and carebear kind of happy ya' know? *grin*

Hahahahahah Yay!! :):):):)

what this is

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As much as I'd like to describe how i feel at this point of time, the words simply escape me. For the colours seem dulled and so too my taste buds. Its only been a couple of months but these two days have so far been the longest. Third day and counting. The most trying. I'm again wandering aimlessly, like how everyone sometimes feels alone even amongst a madding crowd. Though only a phone call away, and while I am thankful for that, the reality is that it is significantly different.I'm time and again reassured though, she's does it her own way, through her gestures, sometimes simple, always significant. Those mean the most to me. For once in my life I am (I think) making the effort to understand and to try to look at things maturely, which is not to say that I am mature just that its alien to me. I, for my own selfish reasons, want it back to the way it was but looking at what it could and will be, know it is worth the arduous wait.

say it with me

By UnkleBus
"the lay zerrrr..."

mush mix magik v 10

By UnkleBus alert

By UnkleBus
I recently saw an MSN contact of mine with a handle that said: > To know who blocked or deeted you >

I found it strange my contact would change his entire nick to promote the website so naturally was curious to see how and if it worked or not. Checking out the website gave me a timeout so I decided to search it on Google.

Please beware, this is malware that hijacks your MSN once you provide your password.

Read about it here, here and here.

There are more sites reporting this just google "blockoo". This is just a head's up you know, Justin Case.

*Yes I realize these are blogs that say its malware, I'll try it out soon when the page loads to give my own full view of the app.

emo emo

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It's hitting me already...

Just a few more hours to go and I'm really stumped. It seems like just yesterday we started going out but in a matter of hours life will be different. Grown so accustomed I have that it'll take some adjustments though it won't be bad; it only is if you think it so.

I know you'll do great there baby plus I'll have an excuse to come visit :) hehe

Remember my promises. Here's to the good times we've had and of course, many more to come

With Love
-Ty :)


By UnkleBus

I am your father!

Look into my eyez


Apple iPhone: Hidden phone specs

By UnkleBus

Thanks to Onion-Apple-Insider for leaking the specs out. Steve Jobs was apparently trying really hard to keep it a secret till launch. Not any more. Read the full details here

down to the final quarter

By UnkleBus
the play is set

the line is drawn

what time is it

time to rumbblleee

the gloves come off

no more mr. nice guy (ermm... kinda contradictory)

lets rid ourselves of this bigotry

punch punch kick kick

right square square left L2 R2 triangle circle circle

if you don't know that move you're dead

round and round the birds they fly

until come a time the referee says goodbye

i seriously need another past time drink

the coffee kick is killing me, i think

social alcoholism, is in my PhD.

filed under: nonsense!

la di da di, we is like to party

By UnkleBus
oh what a night.. la di da di

open a bottle, no make it two... drink up... and be nice oh yes so nice to be nice, and drink and yes yes yes... wooot

where do you want to go next? anywhere

what time do you wanna leave? anytime

what plans do you have? anything

I'm so loved coz its like la di da di and I is like to party

come sing with me bitch and make like you mean it!!

I've come to the conclusion that I live in a perfect world. Everyone is perfect, santa and peterpan exists flying round neverland... never land, geddit?

and for the perpetual nonsense spewing forth I apologize, I want to be mr nice guy to everyone so that everyone can see how blardy nice I am, really. from now no more sarcastic nonsense i promise, unklebus never does pinkie swear... usually swears till pink, but this being an exception "pinkie swearrrrr" ... aww so kewtttt

I unklebus i/c no ...... from now on shall put on a facade to be nice to everyone, even those who really aren't so nice but seem perfect to upkeep and maintain the peace, to not rock the boat and spank the tank.

yeah, i can see pink flowers and cotton candy clouds above me oredi, wah so sweet. so nice to be perfect. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

lets hug and be fwens for life mmmkay?

Fake, plastic, whatevvv...

By UnkleBus
Note: This is completely random and if you feel guilty or think you May feel guilty of what I'm about to post stop reading. You may be asking why liddat?

The answer, simple; BECAUSE LOR!

PROBLEM: I can't stand it when people give advice when I don't need it. ESPECIALLY regarding relationships. There are only a few (very few) people whom I would listen to and they're in successful relationships, i.e. real relationships that end up in marriage and kids AND are actually still taking to each other. Get the picture? I mean stop trying to be so nice, so friggin' sweet because I'll die of diabetes before you finish with what you have to say.

SOLUTION: Practice what you preach, telling me how to go about my relationship when you're single or never had a relationship longer than 6 months doesn't really add positive points to your "matchmaking CV" you know, Thelma?

PROBLEM: Putting up a front when it's not necessary then telling me stuff that I could have sworn never even crossed my mind to ask in the first place


just talking. talking and talking... *yak yak yak* bla bla blaaaaa... The world has more to offer. Can't discuss politics? what about the share market? natural history or history in general? oh you're talking about shopping? and who bought you that shirt/pants/shoes/socks/panties?

Do I really look like I care? (well sometimes I do, because its so damn fun to judge depth)

SOLUTION: So Insecure for what? the Insecurity Police gonna arrest you ah? Be yourself. if you find your true self that insecure then you really are _that_ screwed...

PROBLEM: Which brings me to the LoA's (Thats "Lack of Attention" for the uninitiated). To be labeled LoA one has to crave notice from others so much that they feel it their divine duty to sprout from their follicles some misdirected effort at seeming bigger than life, or sluttier than thou attitude. Come on will ya'... The world is NOT going to end today just because nobody saw your boob/chest/armpit hair/camel-toe/etc. and NO I STILL don't wanna see your armpit hair no matter how bloody permed it is ok?

SOLUTION: Whatevvvvv la seriously. Just ignore, after a while if it isn't already their innate nature to actively seek out attention they just may shuttup and listen for once, or be grounded.

I mean, it's so easy to see someone else's faults and not your own. So I'm taking this opportunity to voice it all out fully knowing that I have my own faults but after so many weeks being somewhat dormant, all I have to say, Damn this feels good! hahahahah...

I'm back, not sick anymore *touch wood* lets go party this week! Poppy on Thursday (14/6) anyone? Freeflow beer and food starting from 9pm. Send me a RSVP by tomorrow (13/6) noon so I can get you in.



Being Human

By UnkleBus
Those three words
Have said too much
But not enough

Snow patrol - Chasing cars


By UnkleBus
Fourth day and I'm still fucked.

Gotto get them tonsil removed, really but it'll have to wait till I'm feeling fine to avoid further infection. 2 days of MC don't do jack shit. Smoking makes it worse and drinking? I can't drink!

I just crawled out of bed a moment ago thinking
Fuck me, I can't move my head again.

Taking a day EL today because its pointless working not being able to "entertain" my contacts. Boss ain't gonna be happy but I didn't do it on purpose so my conscience is clear

This is the second time this month

I really really need to take my vitamins again, after I've completed the antibiotics course. Antibiotics + vitamins = "bad" because one kills and the other nourishes.

Even my hearing is partially impaired

I'm going back to bed then doctor shopping later for more antibiotics. Luckily for me this time he prescribed synflex (painkiller), which gets me through the day

painkiller + cough mixture

By UnkleBus
is good, very very good for talking and acting nonsense.

I'm sick again and this is the second time in a fortnight that my tonsils have grown to the size of grapes. This time I couldn't even move my head because it fucked my neck and shoulders too. I slept it off, missing my company's away day at the eastin hotel and left to see the doctor in the evening. He said to me "you again..."

I dunno if that's good sign or not, because I'm guessing he doesn't smoke so I can't add him to my database. har har. So he prescribed me antibiotics, synflex (painkiller.... ummm) and difflam. Right now, the painkiller and lozenges are giving me this tingling sensation and slowing things down quite a bit, as in my response time... and I'm quite liking it.

ugh ok enough thinking. I'm craving a ciggie but I shouldn't. I wont. bleaghh :P


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By UnkleBus
Pissed off.

Fucking mat rempit almost rammed into me and so I showed him the finger. Motherfucker had the balls to come and confront me, wielding his helmet and shoved me back. I went back into the car and took out my metal baton and then he decided it better to talk things out. Stupid motherfucker. Where's the fucking respect?

If he rammed into me he'd be in several pieces. Bitch even had the cheek to say it was my fault for giving him the finger. First lesson in defensive driving = fuck 'em bitch ass rempits. Give them an inch, show them a little weakness and they try to walk all over you, just because he had a little copper pigtail does that make him gangsta? sheesh

I SHOULD have knocked him down, and run over him again just in case he survived. ANGER damnit

but then again, it's not worth it. so ... Wooozzaaahhhhhh.... *rubs ears*

My fair lady

By UnkleBus
It was good. Highly recommended!! Just you wait...

someone should do a rap version,

"Just you wait P dot Diddy just u wait, Bust a cap and your tears will be too late..."

Great ensemble, and totally believable accents *shakes hands and goes Ooooo...* (of course la they're english!)

I felt so cultured leaving the hall specking the proper engrish ah and since it was partly a dunhill thing, they had a cocktail reception and afterparty *Oooooo...* for guests, we got to mingle with the cast etc. The best part was the alcohol though *grin*

I don't have the mood to write, really. You can tell. I want to tell you to go move your bloomin' arse but I just can't bring myself to do so. Sigh, I'm losing my edge... Instead, I'll bugger off mmmkay? heheh


so complicated

By UnkleBus

lets just hug it out, shall we? :P

it ended on a high note

By UnkleBus
I can't stop smiling from what happened over the weekend. It was fantastic though it may have started out on a slight low but it ended on a high note. We were going over Perry & Elle's wedding pictures the other day and the rush hit me. It felt as though I was living the moment again. I remember stumbling as emcee, the smiles, the well wishers and how to see how they've grown and become even more today compared to then.

As what Perry said about Gravity, its all about being true to your roots, being yourself. I think I've gained so much since then. People will call you things when they don't understand, they don't know and they are envious of you. That's why others tend to put you down, spread false insights, bad mouth you and so on. Those "real impostors" are insecure, whether they know it for themselves or not and they say those things to feel good about themselves.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people
some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time

To add to that, wisdom does not come with age. You may be 30 but act like you're 15 and vice versa. Like the bonds of friendship it does not come with how long you've known a person. To be fair there are many factors involved so I will not go there. It's not about status. It never is. IF you thought it was then reexamine the reason why status is so important to you.

Everything has happened, Is happening and will happen for a reason

My 2 cents worth anyway ;)


Need I say more? ;)

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Random blurb

By UnkleBus
rumble tumble
up and fumble
gumble gumble
we be mumble
sumble fumble
not some bubble
rumble tumble
up and fumble
it be garble
'tis poetic muscle

oh btw, I've got 10 passes for the "afterhours" (shakes hands and goes "ooooo...") bachelor party thingy at velvet on the 25th... It gets you in, don't ask me what else. I have no clue. Standard dresscode applies... msg if u want.

then again, what afterhours (shakes hands and goes "ooooo...") la you tell me. 11-3am is that afterhours (shakes hands and goes "ooooo...")? TELL ME...


fucking nonsense man, today.


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I grow tired of the old layout so here's a simple clean design.

what do you think?

I'll keep this short

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You thought after you'd known someone for many many years but in the end you don't. What you saw was surface level. Then the lyrics "you know what is what, but you don't know what is what, what the fuck!" ring true and repeats itself constantly in my head.

We are all human. We alone and none other may decide for ourselves the path that we take. I doubt that a person's innate nature should be to blame for being so, but rather one's ability for self-reflection. Only when they've achieved that state of consciousness, perhaps one could mark out personal flaws and try to make a difference. Everyone makes a decision to change or not.

That is only IF, they knew there was something to change.


By UnkleBus

Things you know, things you don't

Heartbroken over sleep

By UnkleBus

This is what I need. Badly. Too many nights
partying, too little hours sleeping
gives me a headache.


fuck fuck and fuck: part II

By UnkleBus
to add to an already fucked day

i had a fucking dream

that i took a corner too fucking fast

managed to not fucking hit the wall

but veered into some dodgy back fucking alley

and scraped the fucking door

and then (fuck u wont believe this...)

i got out to check out the fucking ditch or puke (cant fucking remember which)

and my car got fucking stolen

I woke up into another fucking dream


fuck fuck and FUCK

fuck fuck and fuck

By UnkleBus
fucking hell

i have to fucking blog this

last night's farewell was the fucking bomb

but at the back of my mind something was fucking bothering me

my throat felt like fuck

but the fucking entertainment shit went off without a hitch

only thing is that they said 7 minutes each, but performed less than 4 fucking mins

i got home fucking early and slept

then at 5 fucking AM i get a call to book table at maison

fucking 15 guestlist

then another call to make sure its the fucking sofa upstairs

now i have a sharp fucking pain in my stomach

no doubt from the fucking alcohol again

and my throat feels like fuck

at least my sis left me a fucking pack of dunhill lights in my room

and i'm sucking on some fucking strepsils

and i cant fucking sleep


fuck fuck and FUCK

TTHTC volume 1

By UnkleBus

mush.mix.magik presents time to hit the clubs volume 1

The first in a series of black & white pics at clubbing events that I'll be posting up. This pic of Andre and Aran walking towards Maison, located near Asia Heritage Row in Kuala Lumpur.

The day

By UnkleBus

Bizkit, my dog waiting for something to happen
on a Sunday Morning. Taken with my phone
camera, hence the shitty quality

I've actually not blogged in a while, aside from posting pictures up. The pics actually had hidden meanings (sad to say this myself, here, in case you didn't know, haha). Now that the dust has settled and the fact that I'm running out of photos to edit I think it's best to write something. It's got me itching to buy a camera again, but they just cost too much lah...

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of wicked stuff. Good and bad, taking things in stride it has gone well. I've never been happier in fact. An interesting conversation that I had recently was when we spoke about coincidence, fate, destiny and faith; how they intertwine and what it meant. I don't know why but it has stuck in my mind. I suppose its because of how things have come to be now.

I feel rejuvenated to say the least

and have developed a liking for stout ;)

Pump it up

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By UnkleBus

sunrise and only the sound of the
waves for company


har har car

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By UnkleBus

This, is completely random.


By UnkleBus

right in my front lawn. i love the smell of rain

whats the story

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