By UnkleBus
Pissed off.

Fucking mat rempit almost rammed into me and so I showed him the finger. Motherfucker had the balls to come and confront me, wielding his helmet and shoved me back. I went back into the car and took out my metal baton and then he decided it better to talk things out. Stupid motherfucker. Where's the fucking respect?

If he rammed into me he'd be in several pieces. Bitch even had the cheek to say it was my fault for giving him the finger. First lesson in defensive driving = fuck 'em bitch ass rempits. Give them an inch, show them a little weakness and they try to walk all over you, just because he had a little copper pigtail does that make him gangsta? sheesh

I SHOULD have knocked him down, and run over him again just in case he survived. ANGER damnit

but then again, it's not worth it. so ... Wooozzaaahhhhhh.... *rubs ears*