The day

By UnkleBus

Bizkit, my dog waiting for something to happen
on a Sunday Morning. Taken with my phone
camera, hence the shitty quality

I've actually not blogged in a while, aside from posting pictures up. The pics actually had hidden meanings (sad to say this myself, here, in case you didn't know, haha). Now that the dust has settled and the fact that I'm running out of photos to edit I think it's best to write something. It's got me itching to buy a camera again, but they just cost too much lah...

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of wicked stuff. Good and bad, taking things in stride it has gone well. I've never been happier in fact. An interesting conversation that I had recently was when we spoke about coincidence, fate, destiny and faith; how they intertwine and what it meant. I don't know why but it has stuck in my mind. I suppose its because of how things have come to be now.

I feel rejuvenated to say the least

and have developed a liking for stout ;)