Almost famous

By UnkleBus
*read with chinese accent*

what is famous in ss2????

issit murni?

issit ze selera malam?


wong kok char chan tengggg?

yesss... correct
what is famous in jln alor????

beef bawl newdels?

cheecane weeengz?


Mangows lolows??

yesss... corrrrrect...


what abouts ss8???? *jeng jeng jenggggg*

issit a secret? issit bizkit? bizkit, where's the lizard????

issit sesame yau char kwai???

or is it the chau tau foooooooooooooooooooo???


it is ze seafood chowderrr???


*note: garlic bread not included, sesame yau char kwai only on sat and sun is available!! (while stock last)

thanks muchly

this is my locker room, so my territory. bizkit, do you want to go owtsideeee??? INNNNN-SIDE! i said... IN IN IN...NOW!!! *wag wag wag*