Fake, plastic, whatevvv...

By UnkleBus
Note: This is completely random and if you feel guilty or think you May feel guilty of what I'm about to post stop reading. You may be asking why liddat?

The answer, simple; BECAUSE LOR!

PROBLEM: I can't stand it when people give advice when I don't need it. ESPECIALLY regarding relationships. There are only a few (very few) people whom I would listen to and they're in successful relationships, i.e. real relationships that end up in marriage and kids AND are actually still taking to each other. Get the picture? I mean stop trying to be so nice, so friggin' sweet because I'll die of diabetes before you finish with what you have to say.

SOLUTION: Practice what you preach, telling me how to go about my relationship when you're single or never had a relationship longer than 6 months doesn't really add positive points to your "matchmaking CV" you know, Thelma?

PROBLEM: Putting up a front when it's not necessary then telling me stuff that I could have sworn never even crossed my mind to ask in the first place


just talking. talking and talking... *yak yak yak* bla bla blaaaaa... The world has more to offer. Can't discuss politics? what about the share market? natural history or history in general? oh you're talking about shopping? and who bought you that shirt/pants/shoes/socks/panties?

Do I really look like I care? (well sometimes I do, because its so damn fun to judge depth)

SOLUTION: So Insecure for what? the Insecurity Police gonna arrest you ah? Be yourself. if you find your true self that insecure then you really are _that_ screwed...

PROBLEM: Which brings me to the LoA's (Thats "Lack of Attention" for the uninitiated). To be labeled LoA one has to crave notice from others so much that they feel it their divine duty to sprout from their follicles some misdirected effort at seeming bigger than life, or sluttier than thou attitude. Come on will ya'... The world is NOT going to end today just because nobody saw your boob/chest/armpit hair/camel-toe/etc. and NO I STILL don't wanna see your armpit hair no matter how bloody permed it is ok?

SOLUTION: Whatevvvvv la seriously. Just ignore, after a while if it isn't already their innate nature to actively seek out attention they just may shuttup and listen for once, or be grounded.

I mean, it's so easy to see someone else's faults and not your own. So I'm taking this opportunity to voice it all out fully knowing that I have my own faults but after so many weeks being somewhat dormant, all I have to say, Damn this feels good! hahahahah...

I'm back, not sick anymore *touch wood* lets go party this week! Poppy on Thursday (14/6) anyone? Freeflow beer and food starting from 9pm. Send me a RSVP by tomorrow (13/6) noon so I can get you in.