it had to go sooner or later

By UnkleBus
I had tonsillectomy a few days back. My tonsils have been bugging me since a few years back but ever since this job, it's gotten really bad. I had fallen ill to tonsillitis a number of times this year alone. Fed up, I elected for surgery to have them removed.

The surgery lasted about an hour and was quite fun initially. The anaesthetist injected about a half full large syringe of some clear liquid and moments later there was a tingling sensation in my arm. Everything looked normal at first I wanted to tell him how I felt but as soon as opened my mouth I was speaking in slow motion. He just grinned back and proceeded to inject a little bit more. I blinked and I was back in my room, flashes of me being wheeled from the operation theatre still in my mind.

I don't remember seeing my surgeon coming into the room. Too bad no trip though coz I would have paid a lot more! y'know; surgery cum vacation, heh. Anyway I was bleeding still when I woke up, chunks of blood flying when I coughed, etc. You don't need to know what else but it was rather painless. Getting tonsillitis is worse than removing it. Even the IV needle didn't hurt. (the nurse took it out today and I noticed it was quite bent *grin*)

The food sucked as usual but everything else was great especially the company. Now almost a week after surgery my throat's still sore, but only in the morning. I think I'm on the road to recovery? I damn well hope so.