My fair lady

By UnkleBus
It was good. Highly recommended!! Just you wait...

someone should do a rap version,

"Just you wait P dot Diddy just u wait, Bust a cap and your tears will be too late..."

Great ensemble, and totally believable accents *shakes hands and goes Ooooo...* (of course la they're english!)

I felt so cultured leaving the hall specking the proper engrish ah and since it was partly a dunhill thing, they had a cocktail reception and afterparty *Oooooo...* for guests, we got to mingle with the cast etc. The best part was the alcohol though *grin*

I don't have the mood to write, really. You can tell. I want to tell you to go move your bloomin' arse but I just can't bring myself to do so. Sigh, I'm losing my edge... Instead, I'll bugger off mmmkay? heheh