of all the bullshit in the world...

By UnkleBus
what the hell is wrong with you? you fucking trying to turn friend against friend in hopes they will pick your side but its not working. These friends have been talking about you and know what shit is going on. Its gotten bad for you hasn't it? is that why you have to call a "Friend" of yours to back you up (mind you that this friend knows nothing about the current situation because you haven't been in cantact with her for years?*); because NO ONE ELSE HERE HAS YOUR BACK??

*yup, all you need is a fucking ignorant outsider to come and back you up. You are so unfair to drag her into it because she lacks knowledge of the situation.

It's just so fucking sad, firstly that you think you are "All That" and so fucking prissy. Who the fuck gives a shit? and why can't you just mind your own business? hey don't notice all the hostility you face around you? OPEN YOUR FUCKIN' EYES

enough is enough i'm tired of sitting on the wall trying to make this go away. i'm taking sides and its not YOURS so fuck dis' shit, you ain't worth it.

The weekend wrap-up

By UnkleBus
It was crazy but things will get worse this weekend (in a good way of course). Truly was a party weekend and one which I haven’t had in a long time. Friday night’s event kicked off with Ferry Corsten at Zouk to what seemed to start of as a really shitty night, but turned out well. The whole town was packed and it was jammed everywhere. Traveling was a bitch to say the least but we made it through anyway to get to the party. Going back and forth from home to town about 6 times in a night is no joke and by the time we go there, the crowd had already swelled to a massive organism of sweaty smoky bodies.

Friends turned up, we went in and savored the atmosphere. On normal occasions we would have just left or found a quieter spot upstairs but the DJ was too impressive and managed to keep us near the speakers. I’m sure everyone felt the same because there was absolutely no room to move on the dance floor. We partied but left early for an early calling at another location. One that would bring new experiences and open a few eyes ;)

Saturday however was a quiet affair; we celebrated Perry’s birthday at the BUS with some close friends. It was supposed to be a surprise but the guest of honor turned up a “little” later than expected but we had fun nonetheless. Our friend ink.boy had to stand up when the guests of honor arrived and so was spotted hehe… singing the customary birthday song we then had cake and lots of it. It ended a couple of hours later as we were all still feeling tired and disoriented from the previous night.

The next day we gathered for some good clean fun at the wabbits burrow, somewhere in OUG… I had been assigned the task of bringing KFC and a gift exchange present. It was raining and it was a relief to such a hot blasted day. We ate, then drank and then played some drinking games and drank some more. I was really out of luck that night because I kept on getting the lowest card in the group. After 1.5 pints of absolut fruit punch my bladder took the worse beating… haha. So long since I’ve touched alcohol in that amount. We had other drinks too and again lots of food. We played like drinking games, one being so painful physically that you almost forget how intoxicated you are. So to with “007” a game which is fun because the more you lose, the more you lose.

It’s the end of a long year. Everyone is happy. We’ve made new friends, been to new places, experienced different things and the list goes on. Next week will be the New Year’s weekend where everyone will be partying for the last time in 2005. It has been great and it can only get better in 2006. I’m going all out next week for the last time this year. Who’s coming???

*more pics to come

dirty dirty xmas...

By UnkleBus
Ferry Corsten did not disappoint! He played an incredulous set on Friday night which surpassed all of my expectations I had prior to this. I know I mentioned that I try to keep it to a minimum but how low could you go with someone like Ferry? Apparently not much. He is, of all the DJs that have played at Zouk, the only one who actually looked like he enjoyed spinning and took part in driving the crowd crazy. Armed with an air horn he blasted away delicious tunes coupled funky beats and feeling his passion the massive crowd cheered, clapped and went nuts. Even Armin van Buuren’s gig didn’t have the vibe and energy that was on show that night. It could have also been the holiday spirit and long weekend but mostly it came from his seemingly uncanny ability to drop tracks that drove us high. It was pure havoc.

Our group had a great time though it was crowded. Standing near the left of the stage and jockeying for position everyone didn’t mind being pushed around much. We were all pretty much in our own world. With the heightened sensory perception, the sound was at times gut wrenching and emotional, then delightfully pleasant. Its one gig I’ll not forget. There’s just so much more I wish I could describe but my words fail me. I was simply at awe at his skill. Bugger… I’m just waiting for his next gig down here. Hopefully it’s soon, I think the crowd has grown an insatiable appetite for big name DJ’s but always being let down in the end.

But we left early!!! Arrgghh… should have stayed till then end lah…

But we had lots of fun after that anyway Hahah…


Oh great...

By UnkleBus

Just when things were going fine and dandy, my neck goes about its own and now hurts. I don’t know whether its been too much sleep in the office, or my uncomfortable pillows at home but it hurts. I CAN'T DO MY HEAD BOPPING ACTION TONIGHT AT GHETTO! Like WTF! How to look hou coooooll ah..? TEeeMmm KAIII??!? The worse part is that I cant put a finger on it. Litefuckingrally. I just can't seem to find the exact spot where its hurting. Can't really turn to the left or right and its also been disturbing my sleep… I need to get a scan done because its most probably NOT a muscle ache but I hope its nothing serious like a cyst or worse, cancer.

It's been a boring day today. The weather, end of year holiday mood hasn’t helped productivity in the office. Everyone seems to be busy doing nothing including me. Tried sleeping again just now but the nect just wouldn't let me. I sit trying any possible means of killing time but it doesn’t seem to work. Anyway I think its time for a smoke or two.

More updates later ..


PrevPost: Digweed & the session

By UnkleBus
Last Friday’s Digweed gig ended with a bang. a bunch of us went for the event at Zouk but shortly after the no. 6 DJ in the world started playing it got too crowded even to stand. We tried everything from forming a human chain to cordon off an area near the birdcage for the girls to dance to moving to the VIP area but still it was no fun... who can dance of carpet anyway? So at roughly 1:30am we went outside to meet for some much needed fresh air. I turned to my good pharmacist and asked, shall we session? And they say the rest is history. Took us 5 mins to get up and get to the car. Ms Pharmacist went with the good doctor and Aunty Bubbly with Unkle BUS :)

When we arrived at the infamous BUS, I had to first install my speakers and sub because it had been sitting in the car since my birthday (laziness and procrastination go hand in hand) and Dr. Doctor went to get some supplies. We were all chatting and talking nonsense while listening to Ferry Corsten - creamfields CD1 and Passport Netherlands. After a while the air felt fresher and my body relaxed somewhat coz the sweets kicked in. My hands tingled and feet shivered but the feeling was good. Soon afterwards LT, TC, EL, SB and Bubbly’s colleague joined us.

We all had what we wanted. It was everything from naturals to synthetics, I had my salad, KFC and vitamins (not in any particular order) and by around 4ish everyone I looked at had floating surreal ghostly glasses. A friend even had a wire-mesh 3D head around his face if I looked. Blink once and concentrate hard it would go away for 5 seconds. I could also see lines of text in dark red scrolling across people’s faces... that was the shit. It was a fantastic trip. I started talking bullshit but having realized what I said didn’t make sense was sober enough to tell everyone to ignore me. It felt like my birthday part 2 except I remember more, just.

This went on till 7am sat when everyone started to get up and leave. I was still trippin’ as I’m sure the rest were too. But one by one they started leaving. Too stoned to send bubbly home a TC offered to send her back. Ms. Pharmacist and Dr. Doctor stayed on for a while more but I couldn’t take it and went to bed. My whole body sank into the mattress and pillows, it was cold but the sheets were warm. Snaking into dreamland there I lay till 4pm little did I realize that ms pharmacist and Dr. Doctor had left a little earlier.

All in all it was a great session but it only happened with the good company. Here’s to many many more ;)


The calm before the storm

By UnkleBus
Oh the agonizing wait. I hate this feeling. Many have said that anticipation is better than the realization but today I find it painful. Its gonna be 2 more days before I get to go out partying again and it isn’t because I can’t, but there’s no where to go. Well there is Mambo Jambo tomorrow and this cute chick Jackie is always there, but I’ve never been really able to jive to retro tunes (Sorry Leonard, I still think you spin good shit)… and Jackie always has “lalats” around her…(not that it ever stopped me…hehe).

The wait is killing me and to make matters worse some friends are out of the country. I on the other hand do not want to expect too much of this Friday for fears of being let down by Ferry’s set. Above all I totally forgot that my co. division is having its Annual cum “el-cheapo if you want beer, pay for it yourself” dinner. Schmucks! That’s the problem when your sub-division is under finance. They’re always thinking about money. For an MNC the people here are stingy basterds and it’s a far cry from the previous co. I was working at. Hopefully I get to bail early, get back home just in time to freshen up and into the standard black shirt, cap and blue jeans and make it down to Zouk.

Speaking to a friend the other day, it crossed my mind how only till certain “special” events that happen in your life open up your eyes. Not so much the eyes on your head but our inner eye; the mind. Much like what happened recently in my life that opened my eyes to whole new possibilities and in hindsight all I can do is smack my head and curse “why the hell didn’t I do this earlier!?” Having been on both sides (I was terribly against, anti, etc.) here are some things that I never thought possible: -

    1. Having friends become best friends
    2. Making new like-minded friends
    3. Sharing experiences, trips and the like (yes I LIKE)
    4. Seeing friends have a damn good time (and I mean a DAMN GOOD TIME)
    5. Making sense of what happened in the past and knowing the REAL cause *LOL* (ya you know who I'm talking abt! heh)

It has opened up a world of possibilities. Looking at it historically, civilization has always found some way to get to that special place. The ancient Babylonians, early Egyptians, the not so distance Chinese till modern day ravers, its just natural progression. I for one think that this trend will never stop; it will just be in varying forms. So while I sit back and redefine time to what should be B.D. and A.D. (as opposed to B.C. and A.D. heh…) let the music play on…


Ferry me a lullaby

By UnkleBus
With the looming holidays ahead of us we’ve have a good line up of events coming this side of K.L. I just can’t wait for this Friday when the man who mixed the music during my fantastic first voyage (and that was to the album Passport Kingdom Netherlands CD1) Ferry Corsten, makes his appearance at the Zouk Mainroom.

So on the 23rd of December Ferry (yup, we’re like on first names basis dude haha) will be at Zouk Mainroom, where he’ll be spinning his trancy set. I especially liked how he mixed the smooth sided CD1 of Passport Kingdom Netherlands. Being the no. 5 in the world I hope his set doesn’t disappoint like Armin’s on Dec 9th. As aunt bubbly put it as an “Experimental” set with him spinning the next day at ZoukOUT.

Somehow when it comes to big name DJs spinning, we always have very high expectations. Contrary to that, when Guy Ornadel played a couple of weeks back, I had no expectations of this dude but I must admit I was blown away with his set especially when he dropped teardrop by massive attack. Literally flying, it must’ve been the high coupled with the sudden drop in tempo and sweet melody that literally pulled my soul out thru my throat.

But oops… I digress… Lets just see what Zouk has lined up for us the next few days: -

      23rd Dec: Ferry Corsten (Mainroom) / DJ Pipi (VU)
      24th Dec: Christmas Odyssey:Fono/Gabriel/Raysoo
      25th Dec: Mishmash Ghetto Heaven: Goldfish (Mainroom)
      25th Dec: Mishmash Mambo Jambo: Leonard T (VU)
      31st Dec: I Love NYE:Altered Image/Fono/Raysoo

On a side note, I was speaking to Fono the other day and even though there isn’t a special even listing for the 30th of Dec, he says that he’s been holding back his guns and will be unloading all ammo on that night. Now this is one guy that can pull a crowd to the dance floor faster than shit hits the fan so I believe what he says. Last Saturday he played favorites like breathe, and.. umm.. more (ok laa I don’t know the names!). I’ll definitely be going on the 30th too.

Also a bit of good news was the arrival of a dear old friend. One that made its debut at my birthday party and also during Guy Ornadel’s event. How I’ve missed my dear friend. Rest assured those that have met this friend of mine will love him to bits. Every single crumbling bit! Hehe… so while we wait for Ferry to stoke a storm this Friday, get some rest. God knows you’ll need it.


ughh... please!

By UnkleBus
It’s strange at times how people can react to a certain situation given the right number of inputs. Their reaction almost condescending in trying to reason with you what seems to them the right choice. Being put in such a situation, one (well basically me…) can not help but wonder who or what gave them the idea to think that that they are all knowing and all knowledgeable to (so called) give you advice.

On such input would be alcohol. Since a few months back I began to realize how overrated alcohol really is. Think about it. It normally brings out the worst in us. Having had too much we are most certain or not guaranteed to take a dive to the hard ground below. If not you'll blow chunks, been there done that. It is such a slow chaser that knowing when to stop becomes more of an art rather than science. Rage is common when intoxicated, while others are infected with verbal diarrhoea (that’s the act of talking to much cock) of which I find the “philosophical” strain of virus the worse.

Having a said conversation about any matter be it war, religion or love, to get the best perspective would be to consult an unbiased source. RIGHT. Obviously should you consult a leftist, he/she would show you his/her leftist views. Correcto? So what happens if you consult a biased source for “advice” and in the midst of drunken stupor needed to unload your already bursting emotional baggage? All hell breaks loose.

And it makes matters a lot worse than I should be. Just like how it is now. The situation has gone from bad to worse and this whole commotion about hearing this and that “I trust my instincts” has run amok. No one gave you the right to tell me what to do. Closure is a very delicate word. Not everyone (although most) needs it AND I believe very strongly that should someone need closure from me all they need to is bring the topic to light.

For some when they say ok lets settle things and actually say it’s settled. They mean it. If you do not feel it is then don’t say it has been settled. I do not take easily being accused of things that I’m not. I fight vigorously to defend myself when put in such a situation. Also it helps get the facts right. You speak based on not hard facts but rather intangible instincts and hearsay from “pet brother”.

Give me a break.

Currently listening to A state of Trance 193 - Armin van Buuren


'ave u seen my balance mate?

By UnkleBus
Tried a new combination at ZoukOUT and let me just say that the effects are good. It was nice & trippy as I found myself wobbly and out of balance but still happy and energetic enough to dance for a couple of hours straight. The downer however, was a different matter. Feeling very distant and moody not to mention lethargic for about 2 days, made it one of the worst downers I've had. Of all the other times, downers have just been just physical (such as getting a migraine) which I could handle. This put a psychological strain on me and I was trying very hard since getting on the bus back to K.L. till Tuesday to control my mood, more so knowing it was a downer.

Two nights I had the weirdest dream where I dreamt of being in Zouk at the VIP area, walked downstairs with a girl in a white dress that what looked like wedding gown. As we were walking down she collapsed, so I think I tried carrying her back upstairs but when we reached the top floor she grabbed me by the neck and tried to strangle me. I was bent over and all I remember from then was waking up and my head and legs shivering/shaking violently as though being electrocuted. It freaked me out... Whether or not it was a side-effect from the downer remains to be seen but this has never happened before! So to comfort myself I made a hot cuppa soup and enjoyed Rambo 3. Ahhh… the simple joys of life, sipping hot soup while watching a brainless mumbling machine-gun totting walking mass of muscle gib sum Russian baddies…

I've been taking my vitamins again, B-Complex and calcium are especially important for neural function because it soothes the nervous system and acts as a conductor (calcium being a mineral). I felt much like my old self again on wed and I'm happy to report the same feeling again today. Haha I think I'll try the combination one more time JUST to verify this and if the same shit happens, then I’ll know for sure. No more 4x combo-hits for me heh.

Enjoy some pics of the ZoukOut Stage. More on that later ;)


Will Unkle Bus please stand up

By UnkleBus

I'll be using this blog address from now. The previous blog weed.is.gewds didn't really suit the theme anymore (for those who know…) and somehow the unkle bus nickname has stuck. It just crossed my mind yesterday that I'm not that great a pothead *LOL*

After fiddling around creating the new blog I've discovered that you can actually publish via email the only downside being that it does not support images. One of the main reasons not posting so often was that the firewall blocked the port used by blogger. So from now on I hope to post more frequently. So lets see if this works properly.. Hmm…