painkiller + cough mixture

By UnkleBus
is good, very very good for talking and acting nonsense.

I'm sick again and this is the second time in a fortnight that my tonsils have grown to the size of grapes. This time I couldn't even move my head because it fucked my neck and shoulders too. I slept it off, missing my company's away day at the eastin hotel and left to see the doctor in the evening. He said to me "you again..."

I dunno if that's good sign or not, because I'm guessing he doesn't smoke so I can't add him to my database. har har. So he prescribed me antibiotics, synflex (painkiller.... ummm) and difflam. Right now, the painkiller and lozenges are giving me this tingling sensation and slowing things down quite a bit, as in my response time... and I'm quite liking it.

ugh ok enough thinking. I'm craving a ciggie but I shouldn't. I wont. bleaghh :P