Sawadee kapppppppp

By UnkleBus
say it like ccraaabb kaakk

Hello all from beautiful island of Samui, brought to you by the tourism board of Thailand and Berjaya Air... we bring you the SSS a.k.a silly survivor series. Participants have to endure days of physical torture; running with massive coconuts between thier legs (shakes hands and goes *OoOooo*), catching water balloons with thier bare hands (shakes hands and goes *OoOooo*), whacking the volleyball of death with, again, their barehands (shakes hands and goes *OoOooo*), have their legs tied together and running away from a crazy ass monkey (shakes hands and goes *OoOooo*) and filling an empty bottle with algae & bacteria laden water (shakes hands and goes *OoOooo*). At night participants are mentally tortured and made to dodge alcohol shots, getting thrown and drowning in the murky depths of the pool and endless puffs of ciggarette smoke.

Ok so its not so "drama" but whats life without a little drama?

ok la malas already, so much drama. damn malas to layan drama hor?

post later, drink coconut juice now. ciao