4AM sunday morning?

By UnkleBus
You know it gets nasty when the mozzie's descend on you like pearl harbour.

So I'm awake now, I had a dream. Nightmare really, because I know in real life somehow I couldn't have managed an almost perfect drift round the hairpin at monza with my peugeot 307. Or was it a road similar to that? Maybe was me going in the opposite direction because I was going uphill and not to mention the car is semi-auto. Anyway a chase ensued and the floating blood suckers made up for the high pitched whine of the engine. So if there were 5 mozzies buzzing around would that make my dream dolby 5.1 compliant? My ass would make a superb woofer ya know, *pffft*

Just the other day, I prayed.

Second time in my entire life have I done that. First was a weak attempt for divine intervention during my add math paper for SPM, c'mon... don't deny you haven't tried it before! Admit it, admit it!!11oneone I mean IT'S ADD MATH, to get anything other than a F9 would require divine intervention. Well at least it sort of worked, in a weird way because I think I got a C6 for it. But at the end of it I didn't fulfil a promise I made. The second one worked too, coincidence or what?

anyways (bah) to you too

I'm beating round the bush, pulling the cat's tail, heaving the heavy sack (not to sound dodgy) right now. I want to tidor but my better half ain't with me to hear me bitch all about it. I'm amazed at her ability to listen to me blab and rant. Actually I'm amazed fullstop. I'm also amazed that I can blab and rant at the same time. hahah.... ok uncalled for, sorry. Since I have so much angst I need to crack a wiseass joke here and there. So angsty I've become I can say it over and over again

Angst, Angst


Tyler aNGst

yesheemel comma one one angst

"a study of typo by angsty ng"

So to mamak or not?

It's 6AM now and my brother is awake, and I want dim sum.