worst case scenario

By UnkleBus
Everything in my mind is a jumble. A mile high unstable pile of thoughts and fears, ready to fall flat at any moment. Deflated monkey, insulated crustacean, I think so, but at this rate of it piling up with no solution in sight (just yet; that I hope so badly for) I think my mind will dissolve into fairly gunky stuff and pretty soon too.

Not that it's a bad thing, quite common in fact. Having my noodle turn to sludge relieves me from the duty of actually noticing "ppls drama" (yes yes, you read me right harrrr!). Recently how many "ppls drama" of the third dimension have we seen? From those super-masculine-i-know-it-all but soft-like-fudge-cannot-decide-on-the-inside, to the i-must-hear-myself-speak-every-3nanoseconds, to the i-dont-care-infront-of-you but behind-you-i-just-must-know-what-everyone-said, etc. How manyyyyyy?!!?

Not that I don't have my own shit to deal with right?

The 3 different species, of whatever expect to be shovelled in the face all the goodness that a one year old gets, spoon fed mashed bananas and mothers milk.

Woah... like seriously dude.

Just DEAL. People have even written songs about it like FIX YOU by coldplay. Yes I really want to fix you but I just couldn't be arsed enough. Slightly more and I would lah honestly, but spinning around in circles for 20 minutes is definitely more comfortable.

But this topic is getting old, its getting worn. I feel the mental drain, I've got my own shit so you play on your side, I play on mine mmkay?