I just have to say something...

By UnkleBus
I can't help it... my inner wiseass is just dying to say something. Something about something. Maybe nothing about something, or everything about nothing. Who knows?

/bitch_mode on

Wah lau, so "fierce" ah? *snap* I can even imagine you doing that stare that would rock the core of many a mere mortal. Combine that with an attitude and all the love in the world I think any enemy you face would either die by your hand or drop dead in their tracks confused.

/bitch_mode off

Sorry sorry, I think I can do better than that...

/bitch_mode on

But then again, all the love in the world ain't enough to save your life if you change the music!! I mean it. Don't change it or else I'll be damn pissed lor. Pissed enough to revoke your share holdings in All the love in the world Sdn. Bhd. where I'm the GM and CEO.

And yes I need everyone to know... I'm a Gangstaaaaa.. you see me like dis? u betta be afraidddddd coz i'll gnaw you till you bleed foo! and not only that I'll psychologically torture you by telling you how my day at work went and how my clients are arses! It's worse than the ancient Chinese practice of water torture.

AND If that's not enough I'll unveil my secret weapon!!!! How the influence of lighting affects moods in a study of 3 dimensional pixelated farts!!! HARRR!!!11one

mahai, sure die one

/bitch_mode off

Anyway I'm headed to ops on Wed to get my tonsils removed. Then there will be heaps of ice cream to devour.

Hmm I suddenly feel so drained, as though I've been bitching the whole day. Weird... it must be the weather.

*NOTE: All characters portrayed are purely fictional. UnkleBUS holds no responsibility though this IS his blog. An evil spirit took over him and ate his pet tortoise. Any resemblance to real-life person(s) is pretty fucked up.