By UnkleBus
What is this...

HER man is trying so hard to make contact.

She thinks its because the other party can't let go.

Love hurts? because love has fucking blinded you.

or is it the bling bling baby?

I've kept my mouth shut so far

and like I said, some people need closure

thats pronounced klow-shu-re

but this bimbo bullshit has to stop.

I want peace, and less pang sai poses

-peace out-

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if you are bored try this

By UnkleBus

I entered "Getting high is"

the response was: getting high is a satellite. of the Earth. s magnetic field. is the name of the Rose And the Shield/ of Achilles War, Peace, and the national Science Foundation NSF) is an independent contractor or employee. The Director of the National Academy of Sciences...

har har har

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One year

By UnkleBus
Woah, I've been blogging for one year.

Much longer than I thought it would last.

Here's to one more.

Hopefully more angry posts since I'm starting work again. hahahaha

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Now reading

By UnkleBus
Interesting facts about some fixed points of view throughout history, regarding warfare and how armies came to be. Then analyzes some non-traditional armies like the zulu, etc. Not done yet but its getting a little slow and heavy. It has pictures though!!! I so heart pictures

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Marking your territory

By UnkleBus
Funny how most of the places I've started work at, there will always be at least ONE person who feels the urge to brag tell you, the new person, how his/her working relationship is with the team, how perfect it already is and how "everyone" likes it that way. Case in point was last night.

Feeling a need to scratch a terrible itch I've had because I've been out of action, we headed to Velvet. Around halfway through, my future boss at BAT (British American Tobacco) showed up because it was his birthday, I joined him later for a few rounds and he started introducing me to the rest of the BAT crew. It was then that he introduced me to this one particular fella who started going on about things in the office. The rest just weren't bothered, they wanted to have fun and drink.

He started off by very subtly telling me what my boss' team does and what his team does, then he steps it up a notch and throws in his own background, the previous companies he's worked for but putting it in a way like how someone would to compare their previous jobs. Not stopping there raising the bar even further he tells me that his team loves suggestions as long as no one "bothers" his team with telling them what to do.


What makes people SO afraid that some shit may happen they feel the need to lift one leg up and urinate the rules on the wall? Why not just give me your CV too so that I can gasp in AWE what experience you have at other companies. Yes yes if you saw mine, you prolly wouldn't even know what VB stood for. (not Victoria Bitter, drunkards)

Yeah well, maybe it was "friendly advice" and I should just accept it at face value, but on the other hand, the moment anyone tries to tell me or anyone else how much of "the man" they are signals to me how much of "the problem" they will be. Feeling threatened before a new guy starts work is already bad enough, let alone a new guy who can screw up your IP connection and delete drivers from your PC remotely... hee hee

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Who do you trust?

By UnkleBus

Photo by Sze Ning
Choose wisely

Target for next year

By UnkleBus
To get my mafarking tonsils removed.

Beh Ta han!!!


Crash boom bang

By UnkleBus
I feel a huge crash coming. My tonsils are swollen again and I feel feverish.

I hate being sick. gah...

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Setan Tanduk Satu

By UnkleBus
I saw this on Eve's blog. I decided to take the test and guess what?

You are The Devil

Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession

The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition.

Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only because you allow it.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

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Back in KL

By UnkleBus
It's good to be back! ZoukOut was massive this year but although the turnout was a little less than last year, it was still packed with bodies. Ferry Corsten played his songs from his LEF album and towards the end dropped the classic Doom's Night by Azzido Bass. The sunrise set by Aldrin followed up with banging tunes until the event ended, quite hard stuff. It didn't really sound like a sunrise set but he has a penchant for knowing what the crowd wants.

On Friday we went out shopping around orchard, scouting shops from toys to cameras. Later that evening we headed to home for indie rock and freeflow then to Zouk. Zouk Singapore's Mainroom has this incredible pressure wind machine. It lets out gusts of air at high speed, fogging up the dance floor. You couldn't even see someone 1 foot infront of you. I hope they get that in to Zouk Malaysia! it was fawesome.

Anyway I need to unpack and get my shit organized. Pics will be up tomorrow. Cheers!

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Countdown: ZoukOut '06

By UnkleBus
Damn fast. A year ago, I discovered a "New Experienze", a real rave party. Thanks to the Loh's everything was perfect. Ferry Corsten in the house so this year is gonna be even better! We've got the same hotel at the island for Saturday night, a bigger bunch of friends and the line-up promises to keep everyone on their toes digging sand holes and covering it up. It's an art ok?


  • Clothes++
  • Passport
  • Bus tickets
  • ZoukOut tickets
  • Cash
  • iPod
  • Camera
  • Chargers

Some pics from last year perhaps? heh ;)

The journey and the accommodation

The party ;)

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I love this country

By UnkleBus
I'm fiercely patriotic but stuff like this makes me want to puke.


They pass racist slurs at their general assembly then attempt to downplay the issue. Lets not forget the sexists.

People comment, then we say they have no right to do so because he isn't Malaysian.

Every kid dreams of being an astronaut. Malaysia will realize this dream for two glorified mamaks and the dream of every Malaysian to live a kampung life. Teh-tarik while playing batu seremban in zero-gravity anybody? bravo!

Then they try damage control, RTM to bring in more Chinese content

UMNO calls up and gives those a "stern" warning. Oh I feel so much better, my ass...

Yesterday, reports say that they want to control blogging.

Tell me we don't live in a country governed by complete idiots and hypocrites.

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Superstar birthday saga: Part 2

By UnkleBus
I last posted about the superstar birthday saga on April the 10th 2006 but that was only a part of the story. You'd prolly have guessed that there was nothing to post about since. 8 months down the road, Mr. Superstar still isn't speaking to me.

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me...

A few months after the event, Mr. Superstar messaged me telling me that he had heard something went on that night about my group leaving early and wanted to know what happened. Since it had been a few months after the incident I had put it all behind me and told him it was nothing, that what happened is old news and its nothing to talk about. He replied that he expected me to be honest about things, and that it was what friends do (it was something to that effect). So since he pulled his friendship bullshit I decided to give him a rather condensed but honest version of what happened; mainly that my group particularly me felt chided by him and his groupies... blah blah, to which he answered that he was disappointed, back stabbed by me, etc.

I did not reply then because to me the whole matter had become trivial, a petty thing. I think it was a few weeks or a month later I went to the club where he spins with a friend (who knew him too) and bumped into him. Standing right beside me, refusing to acknowledge my presence or me greeting him, he just went on talking to my friend. Fine, he may have still been sore then. Last weekend I was at the club again with some friends and saw him sitting with some other colleagues of his. I stopped by to say hi to another one of them. I turned around and said hey to him and again it was the same thing.

Is he still sore? poor thing...

What happened after the party should give me the reason to be angry but here he is, huffing and puffing wondering if people are still hanging out with "the loser" a.k.a. me. Let me give you a list of the things I did for him, what happened, and YOU decide if he should be angry at me (Keep in mind that I don't even consider him a good friend) or vice versa.

  • Booked the service apartment for him - he could not make up his mind initially what size to get, so I made at least 6-10 calls changing and reconfirming the rooms. In the end he took the 3 bedroom suite, which I got him corporate rates up to 40% off the normal rate.

  • I asked him if my friends could use one room to chill in earlier in the night. He grudgingly agreed but we were to give up the room if he needed it and only use one particular room so as not to mess up the entire apartment.
  • Made plans to meet him at the service apartment in the afternoon to check-in.
  • When I arrived there I called him, but he was asleep so I checked in for him using my personal details and credit card to secure his room. In effect I paid for Mr. Superstar's birthday suite in advance.
  • A friend of mine followed me to check in to the apartment to chill out, since they wont be coming in till the evening to load some stuff and then after work, which would be after 3am. We set our things in the smallest room available.
  • In the evening he arrived with another colleague of his bringing the drinks. He literally ordered my friend and me to carry the drinks. He gave the friend of mine, a small sized girl, 5 plastic bags worth of drinks and ice. I carried the same amount. Superstar only carried 3 bags (or was it 2?)
  • In the apartment as he was moving stuff into the fridge another friend of mine, a guy arrived. As he came in I introduced him to Superstar but he didn't make the slightest effort to acknowledge and looked right through him. Then I overheard him say quite loudly in Cantonese to his colleague that he "didn't have a choice, since I helped him book the room, he was forced to give up one room".

  • After they were done they headed to work, and the rest of my friends arrived. We chilled in the small room, set up our own sound system and kept things clean. We didn't even touch their drinks.
  • When work ended he and his groupies started to arrive. So many came at one point that the front desk called to say they weren't allowed so many guests and that each extra guest had to be charged RM150 per head. I spoke with the manager and got him to agree not to bill the room for the extra heads.
  • It was then our group felt uncomfortable and decided to leave. We packed up, vacated the room and handed it back to Superstar. Which also showed the front desk that a group of people left his room.

  • A couple of days later he calls up tells me he did not have enough money to pay for the room. The reason was that a couple of items were damaged due to uncontrolled guests. The carpet was burnt and so was the underside of the table. He had to bill my credit card as neither he nor his other "groupies" had enough cash on them to settle it there.

  • I hear stories that one of his guests urinated in the lobby. The staff threatened to call the police over if he did not find a way to clean it up. Luckily he did.

  • I blogged about it. Shortly after, forgot about it and went on with life
  • He paid me back the cash. The total bill was RMx30 something. I made sure I sms-ed him the exact amount down to cents but he paid me only RMx00. He still owes me money.

  • A few weeks later I had a bad feeling about my name being banned from the service apartment because of what happened. I called and tried to reserve a room. I was denied a room even though one was available.

  • A few months later he messages asking what happened, and for me to be honest in my reply
  • I reply honestly but say that its old news and that I've gotten over it. He then tells me that I've back stabbed him and he was disappointed in me after all that he did, which was allow my group to use the room. (it sounded frighteningly familiar with my part 1 post)

  • A while back I heard that he called me "loser"
So I made the calls, used my money first, used my good name to get you a discount. I asked for a room to chill and got your rowdy guests out of trouble. I post on MY personal blog about how I felt and I tell you the truth when you ask because I though you could handle it.

You did jack shit, didn't even have the decency to meet me during check in, trashed the room, ruined my reputation at that establishment, billed my card without asking me first, didn't even bother to acknowledge my friends, acted like we were unwanted guests the whole night. You asked me to be honest, then you call ME a loser. (also backstabber)

I see his point exactly!! My god, it has never been clearer how I could have back stabbed him in. I am so sorry for what happened and will definitely burn in hell for eternity, where the devil will play superstar's mixes to torment me. I BEG YOU FOR FORGIVENESS!!! PLEASE MR DJ! FORGIVE ME. I CANNOT LIVE WITH THIS GUILT... *grin*

Actually, I think superstar is being a pathetic immature bitch. You can quote me.

p/s: I hope "the crow" reads this and shows it to you because knowing you and how often you get news, it will be at least 4 months late.

pp/s: I think your music sounds much better these days compared to a few months back. Feeling threatened?

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I'm too stupid for my own good.

By UnkleBus
I should have just left it as it was. Knowing it is more heartbreaking. Ignorance is bliss.


Anyway, I'm getting my offer letter from BAT next week. Passed the medical, so just a few documents left to cover then I officially start in Jan '07 for Kent. Going from techie I.T to marketing is a big change but you've got to find something you love to do, right?

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Battlestar Galactica - Season 3

By UnkleBus
*Possible spoiler alert*

We're back to when the story ended, the Cylons managing to find the human colony that recently found New Caprica. When Gina blew herself up and Cloud 9 with a nuke, the Cylons managed to trace the radiation back to New Caprica. When they arrived a year later at NC, the fleet with a skeleton crew had no choice but to jump out and leave the population to fend for itself, but they're not giving up hope.

Tricia Helfer

I downloaded the first 2 episodes and after watching the first already threw me back into the thick of the action. So far they've not revealed all 12 Cylon human copies and another human/cylon baby was introduced. Also the fact that some of the cylon clones, no six and eight, played by Tricia Helfer and Grace Park are beginning to question their actions towards the human race. What could all of this mean?

Grace Park

By this time Lee 'Apollo' Adama is a fat shadow of his former self, his father Commander Adama frustrated by the lost of edge in son and crew. They form a plan to rescue the inhabitants and continue on their quest to find earth. Dr. Gaius Baltar was by the end of season 2 president of the 12 colonies and now just a puppet and seems to be on the Cylon side. We all know how he always manages to justify his actions so he may be worse in the following episodes.

We'll see how this season goes. If episode 1 is anything to go by, season three will be excellent ;)

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A lil' bit of history

By UnkleBus
You wanna know where this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

came from??





That's me btw, a tender 8 years of age after a performance for Mrs. Kam's Operetta

My first performance

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I'm actually reading

By UnkleBus
Although I haven't got far, the book has been a total mindfuck. More on that later when I'm done. This would be the 6th book I've read in my entire life... ha ha ha

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The Rebel Sell, Heath Potter

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Poked and stripped

By UnkleBus
The trip to the doctor wasn't the usual. They gave me some damn forms to fill up. Then I had to fill up a cup. Then they measured me, my height, weight, eyesight. Surprisingly i scored 6/6 for vision.

After which the doctor took my blood pressure, then poked me with a needle. In my arm btw... for those high C's that always need to know the details... and just in case you think the needle went somewhere else...

Then i had to take off my shirt and get my chest examined. He then told me to strip, show him the family jewels and force a cough. Jewels = perfect. Later on an X-Ray at one of the nearby facilities and that was it.

The BAT warehouse is huge. Looks small from the outside but the walk to the company clinic is about 1KM. Too bad I didn't see any open cartons lying around. Would have been nice. They should actually place ciggies all around like an easter egg hunt thing.

Anyway, lets see how the blood tests go...

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New layout

By UnkleBus
I've got a new layout plus comment system by Haloscan. All your old comments are in cold storage (not the supermarket lah silly). If you want to retrieve them, ask me and I'll likely tell you to pay me money... HARRRRRR!!!

Anyway, who needs banners!??!?!!


uhmm... apparently I do... so I'm browsing some shit for inspiration. Bleh...

Comment! Comment!


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Now listening to...

By UnkleBus
Paul van Dyk - Victory Mix (VA)

What a way to celebrate being no. 1. This Album is the BOMB! the opening track at night by Dave Spoon is love at first listen. Moving on to second turn then to live life less ordinary by Alex Morph and Rank 1. The mix retains a dirty electro buzz to it and is around 130bpm so its energetic enough yet not overly fast. Why I love this mix so much is that it has, like all other great mixes, a sense of melody to it and isn't harsh at the high end of the audio spectrum. Enough of this, just get it. It's Fawesome!


  1. Dave Spoon - At Night
  2. Jonas Steur - Second Turn
  3. Alex Morph Rank 1 - Life Less Ordinary
  4. Marco V - Any Better, Or
  5. Kyau Albert - Are You Fine
  6. Luminary - Dark Eyes
  7. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Through Your Eyes
  8. Filo Peri - Ordinary Moment (Breakfast Mix)
  9. Sied van Riel - My Dreams
  10. Fred Baker Greg Nash - Lunar Eclipse
  11. Substate - Release
  12. Kuffdam Plant feat. Terry Ferminal - The Ones We Loved (Dogzilla Remix)
*updated list

I rate it a 4.5 out of 5

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Webdesigner's Woeful

By UnkleBus
As I sit on my green throne

Not to be mistaken for the porcelain pedestal

Red bull I groan

Your sugar content making me mental

Website design ain’t my thing

I do this pixel, the other comes out

I need some inspiration, anything

Bugger, think I’d rather die from gout

As the skies turn from black to blue

My ciggie also finish already

I try to figure what’s that hue

But I forgot how to convert it to RGB

Damn it, bloody cursed HTML

Why you suddenly got CSS

Lucky I know Corel

But I still have your mess

Nevermind lah, it’s almost breakfast

Mind is blank when tummy is empty

Wait till it's 7am first

At least got chee cheong fun curry

-tyler (redoing the webbie after files were lost, and server fucked up)

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By UnkleBus

It was quite a mad rush leading up to the big day last Saturday, things had to be done, stuff bought, changes here and there. Perry and Ellie were the busiest couple with so many things to plan, from the wedding dinner to the tea ceremony, to the food for the relatives coming down to visit. It was to me a logistical nightmare but they pulled it off without a hitch.

It was hilarious, the tea ceremony. Andre and Ivan (one of the chee mui’s) had a personal bout to see if we could handle whatever they threw at us. A triple layer wasabi cookie with chili in the middle was Ivan’s weapon of choice. It left all of us choking and in tears. My nose floodgates opened immediately and I started tearing, feeling the gas forcing its way upwards sent me reeling.

Ivan is so FIERCE! *snap*

The whole time Andre and Ivan were at it, seeing who could be more “Fierce!” we had to eat coffee powder, which I kinda enjoyed actually, drink condensed milk, eat wasabi cookies (ugh!), drink vinegar with a twist of lemon, which surprisingly tasted good after the wasabi. Finally we had our legs wax and stripped of hair. I cant wear shorts outside anymore. Haha

Then it was a test for Perry, a few questions only he would know. He got a few mixed up ending up in Joey having his face drawn with lipstick. Extra tattoos? Heh then Peachy Ellie’s Shih Tzu, the key to the door on his collar, came running as soon as Perry called. Haha the girls protested Peachy’s obedience, yup… he knew he wasn’t one of the chee mui’s *grin* Eating M&Ms out of the bride’s hand Perry emerged champion with Elle at his side and went on to the tea ceremony.

Later on we headed back to Perry Ellie’s place, hereby referred to as “The Loh’s” where we had lunch, with his relatives. After one point Perry’s dad decided to show the video John made of the morning, all our sour faces after having had the wasabi and vinegar. A real tear-jerker that was. Then it was off to the hotel. We packed the stuff, grabbed what we needed and shot off.

Dinner started roughly when we expected it to, my initial hiccups aside (the crowd was quite forgiving) it went well and had a good flow to things. I didn’t get want to eat for fear of having things stuck in my teeth. Our table was pretty empty, most of the crew had to do something or be somewhere.

The highlight of the night though was when Perry and Ellie presented their video on what love meant. It was heartfelt and personal. Reading it and hanging out with them I could really see that it wasn't just words made up but what they do every minute of every day, it was so natural for them being in love. Later Perry’s dad Remy, and his brother Martin together with Christine went on stage to sing. Their enormous stage presence and vocal talent got the crowd going, with a few tears spotted (you know who!) and it was touching. For those who know, the song by Remy to his son was the most meaningful and meant coming full circle for father and son.

I don’t know what else to say. When it ended it seemed too soon… too short and personally, I wanted it to last as long as it could. It wasn’t the grandest of weddings but it was the most intimate of all. From the time he announced it earlier this year till the actual day felt like only minutes. But I suppose this isn’t the destination but just part the journey he’s on. He’s the luckiest man to have Ellie, but luck on his part is due to his hard work, love and dedication, true too on Ellie’s part and they both deserve each other. I’m happy just to have been in their presence.

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The wedding

By UnkleBus
Crazy crazy crazy!!!

It all went well, despite the initial hesitation on my part... and the stumble haha. People heard me say "bribe" instead of "bride" ...

and I lost a patch of leg hair in the morning.


crazy! :)

more about it tmrw. I need to crash.

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None today

By UnkleBus
My cough has deteriorated. I wake up every hour now to cough my lungs out then try to sleep again. I had taken some cough medicine the night before, it seemed to work for a while but maybe because it was quite old it didn’t really last through the night (or make me high enough to be happy)

I want a ciggie right now, but I shouldn’t. Well up till the wedding where I’ll be the MC. The cough has to go away by then. If it doesn’t then I’ll turn off the mic while I cough a little. Hahah.

Gotto go now. Grab my lunch, pay some bills, see the doctor then come home and finish up the MC and itinerary for Saturday. Ciaos

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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

By UnkleBus
Never knew the beetles were capable of it, they aren’t exactly “ Jimmy Hendrix” singing purple haze and/or whoever sang puff the magic dragon nor are they responsible for that white horse song. But Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds makes people delusional, they only see things they want to see, sometimes don’t but can’t help it. It’s all in their head.

Still lost?

Good. Delusion has been a cornerstone in human civilization, some have grown out of it, some haven’t, but those who have not live in their own worlds most of the time so it mainly doesn’t bother me. I am deluding you now. What Lucy does is further augment that delusion.

Nevermind, say thank you when I spank you!

So what do you do when u put Lucy with Purple Haze and White horse? (White Horse should be coke not crack rite? I guess it’ll be called white donkey for crack) a silly post with no underlying message. Well not really. The message is

“If you’ve been doing something, and it doesn’t seem to be working, you’re most likely doing it wrong. Either admit it and change your style or just move on”.

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So near yet so far

By UnkleBus
Four hours and I’ve been waking up every half hour. The cough is starting to annoy me. I’m also seeing ghosts… shadows at the corner of my eye, but it doesn’t bother me as much… I need my sleep

You know what annoys me the most though? People who think they know me and start talking about me as if they do. I was thinking about it before I caught some zees. Like when someone I’ve met barely a handful of times, calls me a player or someone whom I don’t speak too much, nor hang out with calls me lansi (arrogant).

Where do they get off calling me that? You don’t know me; we don’t go way back, I don’t even know your full name. Every time something like that happens I lose respect for you. When I go clubbing it isn’t about anything else but having fun and enjoying myself. The rest is all a bonus.

But I don’t think they’ll understand that

So just fuck it. I’m having way too much fun without them around to pass snide comments. I’m happy, but for kicks I’ll post the obligatory I don’t give a fuck picture.

Cheers Biatch!

P/s: Another thing that annoys me is an MSN conversation where there are more than 2 emoticons in a single sentence… and that sentence is 4 words long. You think those emoticons are cute, too cute even? Behind the screen I’m already cursing and swearing. How to understand you huh? HOW HOW!!?!? That’s why GTALK ROCKS. So get it here!

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By UnkleBus
My phone is dead.


Time of death 10.23PM Saturday, 11 Nov 2006

Please call my house number or drop me an IM/Email with your contact num and I'll call you back.

Americano dreams

By UnkleBus
Last night the guys hit Ghetto to the sounds of DJ Shortee Blitz from the UK and DJ Fuzz along with his MC and a local Chinese bald guy that thinks he’s black every time we’re at ghetto (Ditto his crew). It was really good, Shortee’s live scratching and mixing skills were even more polished than DJ Irwan… Irwan on the other hand had better progression in his choice of music, even inspiring some (me included) to take up dance lessons *grin*

I can’t name, rather don’t want to name the tracks because its always the same stuff in this part of the hemisphere, rap/hip-hop tracks have come to a point where it sounds very much the same and the same tracks are played in all clubs. What sets them apart is how they set it up, remix on the go and scratch. Something I think was a blessing in disguise that Zouk let go their then resident Goldfish and his warm up brother, sometimes too eager brother, T-bone.

Since those two are gone now to a rival club Zouk’s mighty financial arm is bringing in what seems to be the “real deal” and fans of ghetto can no longer predict what songs the DJ will drop, unlike how to the point where it almost was with goldfish (hahaha)

Before that we were invited for a Kent party at Maison for which Mervin sorted us out and being the first to arrive, we were ushered in like superstars(?) and headed to our table. Drinks we’re on Kent, 2 bottles for every table. Delia was kind enough to stay and have drinks with us, thanks babe. The crowd was good seriously… and it felt a little more approachable than the crowd at Ghetto.

Tonight we’ll hit the P. Ramlee area to check out some places we don’t normally go. Just for kicks. Since we always party at the same place, we want to see where and how other people have fun too heh. Tomorrow night will be something else. Back to good ol’ trance and some much missed shuffling, or trying to shuffle, at Gatecrasher. Hahah. For now I’m gonna go pay my bills and get my Americano. Damn… I miss her so much. ;)

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Freakie Ikkie

By UnkleBus
I'm a goddamn MEME.
Just woke up and doing a Personality HEHE
Still haven't even brush my GIGI
Or even gone to WEWE

check it, two, three, four


You're in a forest...

  1. you see a bear what would you do?
  2. shout "CRIKEY!!!!"
  3. the bear is attacting you, what would you do?
  4. shout "CRIKEY, Look at the SIZE and POWAHH!!!!"
  5. you see a wall and theres no end, what would you do?
  6. Try to climb and sit on top of it so I can see both sides
  7. your wandering around the forest and u see a castle, is the door open or closed?
  8. its closed, but the sign says 24hrs. go figure
  9. u go in the castle. after all that walking, ur thirsty as hell. u see alot of glasses which one would yours look like?
  10. The one that looks like a beer can
  11. you see a table and u have plenty of time to decorate it. what would be on the table?
  12. i dont want to decorate it i want to see the bear
  13. u walk out of the castle and u see a lake, how many swans are there?
  14. none. but there are pelicans, flamingos and loons
  15. as u walk around u see a pond and theres a talking fish. would u talk to the fish?
  16. yes, i'd say "Look at the POWAhh And SIze of that MATE, and it talks, CRIKEY!!!"
  17. the fish tells u how to get out of this forest, would u hesitate but still keep in mind what the fish said? or would u listen?
  18. it depends, will there be cougars next door?
  19. as ur walking u see a hill. on top of the hill u see a house, how do u feel?
  20. I hope it has an internet connection


  1. You're walking on a road. Describe that road.
  2. It's made out of small and tiny gravel rocks, mixed with tar heated then compressed and then rapidly cooled. Pretty much standard everywhere in the world.
  3. You enter a forest. Describe your surroundings.
  4. Lots of trees around and i see rocky ledges. it looks like its autumn
  5. You turn into an animal. What animal is that.
  6. One eyed snake? maybe not... erm cougar heh
  7. You meet another animal. What animal is that.
  8. female cougar, many many female cougars... like some kind of cougar convention, the main speaker is rather hot for a cougar. like that chick lion in that lion cartoon movie.. erm.. lion king. yeah.
  9. A house comes into view, describe that house.
  10. It must be magical, because i'm still at the cougar convention.
  11. How do you get into the house?
  12. Usually its through the front door.
  13. You see a cup on the table. What sort of cup is it? Eg. glass, ceramic etc.
  14. Cloth cup
  15. You go upstairs and enter a room. Describe the condition of the room.
  16. Minimalistic, almost spartan. with a big plasma and fireplace
  17. You see someone watching the tv comfortably in the house. Describe how you feel upon seeing the person.
  18. hunger
  19. At the back of the house, there is a wall. How do you get past that wall?
  20. I would just leave thru the front

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By UnkleBus
There is hope after all. Yesterday after having lunch with the bride and gorgeous I hopped over to Citibank to bank in a check. I also enquired about their business loans. To comply, the company must be of 2 or more years to fit their criterion but the lady that attended to me was very helpful. She told me about the “Credit Guarantee Corporation” and its function.

Pardon my ignorance but I’ve never heard of them before and never knew of such an agency. It is apparently government run and its function is to aid new businesses. CGC acts as sort of a guarantor to local banks. Once your business plan has been approved by CGC they’ll instruct the bank to disperse the cash with more flexible repayment terms.

No one said starting a business would be easy but at least it’s getting more and more interesting. Sitting behind a desk coding application for hours hasn’t prepared me at all so I’ll take it a step at a time. Heck, if this works out maybe I’ll write a FAQ haha *grin*

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Post Laze

By UnkleBus
Lately I’ve been really lazy with posts. I’m sometimes not even bothered to do my usual RSS reader thing, now it’s all piling up with 300+ unread posts. My usual routine includes checking comments, the usual suspects’ blogs, reading stuff off Google reader. If you haven’t tried RSS readers, try out GoogReader. So far they’ve managed to fix most of the bugs from the very first version (that’s what they’re paid to do I suppose heh) and it works smoothly now.

Last night a bunch of us went to check out an opening of a new club called Bed. It’s located at the corner of Heritage Row directly opposite The Loft. They had a little catwalk plus signboard emulating those award nights where stars would pose in front of the sponsors for pictures. We saw many regulars, the ones categorized as “opening night-ers” or “freeflow-ers”, those you would only normally see at these events and also the ones u see at every club every weekend

We got there half past ten, met Jo at the entrance and proceeded to enter the club. We didn’t head to the floor, instead we followed Jo down a narrow corridor where the toilet was located; read: Body Jam, and headed down to the basement. This place was different than the upstairs and quite clearly catered to the up market crowd. It had a cigar room and a few beds here and there.

After a while we headed upstairs to check it out before heading over to Mambo. No real comments about the ground floor because we spent about half an hour there but it felt like they were trying to recapture the Boom-Boom Room or Magrez feel. They were playing house btw. Overall the club had a very sterile look and feel it; like a hospital where the only medication they feed you is alcohol...

The beds (I’m assuming it’s why they call themselves such) are quite off compared to Maison, where the idea is perfectly executed. There are more beds in Maison to begin with and with that sort of white tile, white ceiling feel to a club, lying down feeling drunk/high would be like having your stomach pumped at the local ICU.

The music played downstairs, which was its saving grace, was spanking and (dare I say) even better than Zouk on most nights although patrons may find it confusing to be at such a posh club, wearing heels and all dressed up trying to shuffle but it could be that it was the opening night. It also got a little too stuffy for my liking.

Will I go there again? Yes...err maybe. Only in a couple of months to see how the crowd has changed from opening but I know I won’t be craving for it.

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Shit happens

By UnkleBus
Fuck. I'm so screwed now.


By UnkleBus
I usually get dreamless sleep for which I’m thankful for, or when I do it is pleasant. This time however it was bad. I don’t know if it was the anticipation of today’s event later this afternoon or it was the movie I just watched at midnight.

I remember it being violent. I was an observer at times, then a participant. There was a scene where there was a single mother, pregnant and struggling with an infant trying to get to a train and it was rush hour. The baby needed changing and she almost dropped him/her. Out of desperation she put the baby on the ground and some other lady with a couple of young kids had stopped to help her. Next thing was she turned back and when she looked again the baby was gone, kidnapped and she panicked.

Next I felt myself thrust into a fight, this guy had his hands bound and a gunshot wound to his chest. It was I beating him or him me. It’s not very clear. What was clear is that I came out of the dream, the bizarre area between consciousness and unconsciousness, and thought that I’d go back in with a katana to defend myself. This time really bring pain to the game. I felt the pressing sensation on my chest, like extra strong gravity… and in an instant I was again back in trying to slash his head off. Then the dream shifted to another scene before I could, with satisfaction, vanquish my foe.

All the rest is a blur, some crazy dude who crapped in his pants and all that blah blah.

Woke up minutes later, decided to have a fag and a drink and quietly try to convince myself that breakfast isn’t worth it because I’m too tired, although to think of it, I could use some dim sum right now. I still feel a little drowsy and sleepy. Maybe another hour more of sleep would do me good before breakfast. The sky is already getting bright; I wish I have my camera already.

But then again you can’t have everything all the time can you?

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By UnkleBus








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Coming soon

By UnkleBus

The weekend that was

By UnkleBus

Ronski Speed: Me, Aran, DJ Mervio van der Wong

Lightning shorted out my wifi router last friday, along with the DVD player, water dispenser and astro. Life has been a bitch without entertainment and liquids. Thank goodness I wasn’t home most of the time to reflect my past deeds. I finally fixed the internet late this evening when I swapped the power bricks.

It was good the last weekend, On Friday Enzo, Andre and I were at 101East and we got drunk. Enzo had to leave early for another party so Andre and I proceeded to check out the scene in Velvet; apparently to sober up, which needless to say failed miserably. Lots of people celebrating deepavali and then some.

Saturday was quiet initially but later on managed to drag Aran to Zouk to check out Ronski Speed. We regretted not dressing up velvet was overflowing with chicks. It was full. Nevertheless Mainroom held its own. Ronski was bangin’ that night dropping tracks by above and beyond and err… something else.

There is one thing I’d like to say though, it’s about drama. Human drama. Why on earth do people like to blow things out of proportion when it’s clearly not as bad as it seems? Something happens, then they kick and scream like an infant hoping to get attention. Is the ruckus worth it? just get real, get a life. It isn’t always about you no matter how hard you try.

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Did you know...

By UnkleBus
that you can set flickr pics to private but still link it to your blog and have it show?

Now I know.

Oh my poor bekside

By UnkleBus
It was a stunning day. Why? My bekside feels stunned.

Yoga and I went out for lunch today and since he’s on leave till next week we had coffee and yakked about cars and more cars. Then it was time for gym, a one day pass that Cameron arranged for me. Thanks Cam. Let me say that FF is way different than celebrity. The equipment looks more expensive? I didn’t try out all the machines but what I did join Cameron’s RPM session. Now I know I need more exercise my stamina is crap. After the second part, already panting and sweating like a mad pig, my innards started hurting so after that till the end I took it slow. That’s when my bekside started hurting lah. Serious. Wear padded shorts. I am not kidding. If you don’t have padded shorts get two washing sponges and shove ‘em in your back pocket rough surface facing out… if not you’ll get some squeaky clean skin. Har har

Then came the friendly uncle

After that and a couple rounds (two only!) of weights Aran and I headed off to Jln Gasing for some chicken rice. We had our meal and I needed a light so I walked over to this uncle, who btw had 8 bottles or more of beer, to borrow a light. He insisted that I take the lighter and started being friendly. Falcohol! He was damn friendly and then gave me a hug, then an almost hug, then later when I saw him asking the waiter for lighter I wanted to give him back his lighter; a third hug. He even said Keep it short and sharp, KISS and gave me an air kiss, to which I replied, uncle no gay stuff please.

But let me clear things up, just in case.

My bekside pain, is in NO way related to beer Uncle ok?

Now I can sleep properly and quite the kangkang. *grin*

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Checkers, wine and a the funny owner

By UnkleBus
It turned out better than expected. There were more laughs than I ever imagined possible and the owner was crazy ass funny.

thanks all :)

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Cease and Desist

By UnkleBus
REF: Account #

Dear Silly non-intellectual wannabe blogger:

You are hereby notified under provisions of Universal Blog Laws: Intellectual Posts 95-109 and 99-361, also known as the Intellectual Postings Act, has been violoated by the blog referenced above.

You and your organization must CEASE & DESIST all attempts to post non-intellectual material and stupid questions for verification of the clebberestest mosts intelligentesttest non-blogger intellectual. Failure to comply with this law will result in my immediately filing a complaint with the Universal Blog Commission and the Intellectual Non-blogger Damn Clebberestest Blogosphericalista Attorney General's (INDCBAG) office. I will pursue all criminal and civil claims against you and your company.

Let this letter also serve as your warning that I may utilize telephone recording devices in order to document any telephone conversations that we may have in the future.

Furthermore, if any negative information is placed on my bureau reports by your blog after receipt of this notice, this will cause me to file suit against you and your organization, both personally, corporately, universally and intelligently, to seek any and all legal remedies available to me by law and by the all knowing single most intelligent non-blogger on the face of this planet, solar system and universe hereby known as AKSMINotFotPSSaU.

Give this matter the attention it deserves!

And have a nice day.

Attorney Douche-bag for AKSMINotFotPSSaU-all-mighty

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Hidden dragon?

By UnkleBus
Eve said my hair reminded her of a dragon.

got meh?


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Show your support for the intelligent non-blogger

By UnkleBus
Read Ellie's post here...

u think u so clebber ar?

absolutely pwns joo n00b!

my fav

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Well well look whos talking

By UnkleBus
Apparently A reader… one single reader, whom does not blog or maintain an online presence, seems to think that my blog, as well as some closely related blogs, are not doing our jobs well by posting intellectual entries. Because he is the single most intelligent and very outspoken non-blogger known to man, which I’m sure has countless entries just flying around in his head ready to be put on paper but wasn’t, because of his quest to save the trees; we non-intellectual bloggers have to listen closely and heed his advice.

I have, because of this single reason, from this single person, who is the single most intelligentest and cleverestest person on the planet, which does not maintain an online presence, let alone shop on eBay, nor scratch his gonads while he is alone; decided to TRY to write him an intelligent letter asking him 3 questions that mankind has never been able to answer…

This post pays homage to him. *bows*


Dear all knowing single most intelligent non-blogger on the face of this planet, solar system and universe:

I UnkleBus, firstly... would like to humbly beg forgiveness from you, for not being able to live up to your intelligent post quota. For that single reason and coming from whom I think is utterly and unimaginably intelligent, I must post something that pays homage to you in the most intelligent way.

But I, being an inquisitive creature, needs to know if its really you oh mighty and brainy one, and ask you three questions that you, the single non-blogger intellectual will know that the rest of mankind doesn’t. This is purely a verification process and just in case the real intelligent, non-blogger intellectual Einstein of the 21st and 22nd century is a hoax.

Question 1:
How much wood,
Would a woodchuck chuck,
If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Question 2:
Red lorry, Yellow lorry
Repeat x 10 (as fast as possible)

What color do you get?

Question 3:
The sixth sick shiek's sixth sheep's sick
How many camels are there?

I eagerly await your reply, oh great one...who doesn't polish his marbles... even when no one is looking...

Silly non-intellectual wannabe blogger


So there you have it. 3 questions JUST to verify if that single non-blogger, with opinions that change nations, shape geniuses, fuel wars and doesn’t even scratch his balls even when a swarm of locusts are hatching in his pubes, not even when no one is looking; can be verified so that my other not-so-intellectual bloggers, me included, can learn from his great example of … err… example and be JUST LIKE HIM.

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Crumple Tech, a Proton innovation

By UnkleBus


double ouch!

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Suey Inc.

By UnkleBus
Last Friday, my car decided on its own that I did not need airconditioning during the haze season. It got progressively worse as the belt started screaming at random intervals and there was the smell of burning rubber through the vents. I shall not get philosophical as to why because I'm quite annoyed that I'm faced with a car-less situation, wait lah, I'm getting to that. So after a weekend of procrastination, today, the day I decided to move my ass to get it fixed would prove more troublesome than just postponing it to another day.

It went from good to terrible in about 30 minutes.

I woke up this morning still feeling a some aches from the weekend and yesterday's fever, my throat was parched from the one sided tonsilitis. I was supposed to meet up with Yoga for lunch at 12 so feeling much better than the day before I decided to send the car in. At first it wasn't so bad. The prognosis was a loose fan & timing belt, which would cost me RM280 to fix at most. Fine. I left the car there while Yoga graciously decided to come get me from Ming Tien. Some time after we had our lunch, which was good shit BTW, (Shogun at 1U, I wish I had more space though) the dude from the shop called up to tell me that my compressor was fucked and needed replacement. To a bigger unit (as if it wasn't big enough, har har) which would set me back 600 bucks! so what to do, change only lah.

Already feeling a little worried doing my mental calculation for this months expenses, like the bday, road tax and insurance renewal another call came through and the dude said he got into an accident. Mafarker. From his description on the phone I had the impression it was just a dent. When I saw my car at the police station though, it was almost a complete wreck. The bonet was bent about 30cm upwards, radiator was the shape of a banana, both front lights and bumper broken and the lower fron chasis was bent slightly.

Apparently he was on the way to get the compressor in my car when some lady that was driving a kancil infront of him made an illegal u-turn and reversed back without looking. She claimed innocence as did he but I doubt my mechanic's story. He must've been going rather fast when it happened. Testing the car maybe. If she did reverse, she would have done so in the exact same circle that she made the u-turn, which would explain why my car hit her car's corner angle. So why in the first place would she reverse in the exact same angle as her u-turn? You know what's the best part?

The police don't believe him either.

So fuck, I am car-less but either way, I'm not paying a cent for the damages...

well maybe just for the belt change and then I'm switching mechanics.

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Want some family planning advice?

By UnkleBus

Yup, you go that right

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Aiyo stress

By UnkleBus
Air quality going down, I can't even smoke without feeling guilty.

Then again maybe inhaling the smoke is cleaner than breathing the air? HAR HAR

Guess not. Two quotes from Bloggila:

"We don't live in Malaysia, we live in an oven"

"you know you are living a good life, when you're fucked up day consists of gloomy weather"

The red tide = Alcohol

By UnkleBus
Moet has such an incredible colouring effect. I'm so fred i can't believe it (and thats fucking red not the name fred)

Tomorrow morning I'll be headed to Penang for some "business" and maybe even staying a night. I can't remember the roads there so most likely i'll check in and catch the cab whenever i can. I want my gurney food, char kuew tiow, passembor, fried chicken skin and all the shit...

Will have my FR by evening! LOL

Now I need my sleep. It's been a long day...

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Closing the Chapter

By UnkleBus
I feel the end of an era approaching. It's been a great many months but too much of a good thing will turn bad so it’s best to quit while you’re ahead. The past year has been incredible and I’ve seen so much change, made so many friends and explored the limits repeatedly. But it has to end and something else will come about… perhaps its time to follow the leader and settle down eh? Haha

It’s good to go out with a bang as the year end has been pretty much been planned out, starting with this weekend’s Kent Beach Party at PD, then my Oktoberfest birthday, Perry & Elle’s wedding in Nov, ZoukOut in December and one final big-ass bash to usher in 2007. Let’s see if Darby is available then, it’s the perfect place to witness the fireworks too.

Speaking of which, I remember last year’s ZoukOut as the most incredible event I’ve been to aside from MOS in London’s south side for the Millenium, but that was B.D. Now is A.D. What was most memorable was the rain at 4AM in the morning. It drove the crowd crazy and we danced till the sun came up. I remember that the music lulled and so did the winds, when it picked up again it poured. The sand was wet and cold, the air so fresh!

Now that I look at it, this year end is going to be fucking awesome! :)

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I'm supposed to...

By UnkleBus
Write a review about miami vice, but (I shall talk cock until the real review is done) viami mice was showing on TV starring Folin Carrell and Famie Joxx...

It was a show of powderful england in the mid 18th century, with jock straps... and bungalows. I know you're thinking Deuce Bigalow, but actually his real name is Beuce Digalow and he has no relationship to gungbalow, err i mean bungaow. Even Ali G would be proud of this naming convention. (thats in I.T. Terminology). Not like the black adder, starring that dude with a doll... so folin Carrel and FAmie Joxx were pornstars in Miami, in the day but at night they became Turd some Long and Skin cut short. Together they would fight crime around cuba... and sometimes guantanamo bay... you know... just in case...

there on da cuban island, they were running a nuklear experiment. no, spidey here coz spidey is relaxing after getting mary jane (if you know what i mean... heh heh) so suddenly one mice (YES I SPELL IT CORRECT)(*Ed: one mice, two mouses?)...jumped into the carema and made funny farting sounds. This was the warcry of turd some long... he told skin cut short to tap some bong and park the bat mobile. too bad no gas coz they spent all the money buying ice lemon tea and one pickle onion.

on the island, they discovered a businesswoman name Long Gi, long long hair of course who knew how to infiltrate the matrix. she was the architechts hoochi. (yup colonel sanders also needs a hoochi) and off the three of them went fighting crime.

-to be continued-

Fawesome - Dunhill 101 East Party

By UnkleBus
Suet invited me to a Dunhill party at 101East in Bukit Bintang last weekend and it was the fbomb, mfsnakes on a fawesome mfplane style. I got turned off initially because we had to dress up but it turned out alrite because everyone came for the event dressed up. We had a welcome baby champagne, followed by freeflow of drinks and some finger food. Everyone turned out to be friendly although at first glance may not have seemed that way. The next one should be even better ;)

Aran, KK, Unkle

dunno who, joon hui, aran, kk

I see longkang people

poser maut

rockstar and the mutant hand infection

oh.. and we discovered Aran's Kryptonite. He so "hearts" champaigne! haha Read about it here

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OakFlickr Addon for Performancing 1.3

By UnkleBus

Me & Jade

This add-on for performancing lets u upload to flickr automatically. No more hassle of logging into flickr, uploading a photo, waiting for it, viewing all sizes, grabbing the URL and inserting it in the blog. Can you say "Fawesome"!!!!!

Get it HERE. You'll need Performancing 1.3 first

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Does it matter what you wear?

By UnkleBus
I think so...

It seems as though it doesn’t matter but today my suspicions have been confirmed. What you wear equals the level of treatment you get. The day before yesterday I came by Starbucks to get some work done. I was wearing a polo shirt, jeans and a cap. I ordered the usual, an iced Grande Americano. The level service was as expected of a business in this country, glum and face like someone died the previous night. It didn’t bug me much.

Yesterday, again I went to Starbucks but at Mt. Kiara and I would rate the level of service there the same as what I received at the curve. No smiles, no extra touch. I was also wearing a polo shirt and a cap. Today however, because of some business, I had to wear a nice working blue long sleeve shirt and did up my mohawk hair and “suddenly” things changed here at the curve.

I walked in and immediately went on to look for a seat near a power plug. I could hear in the background the crew saying hello (I was the only one who walked in then) even though I had not paid them any attention. I looked up at them and they said “hello” and “hi sir” again. Amazing! When I went to order my drink the lady was so cordial, so polite and so helpful. Her teeth were so white it was blinding. When my drink was done, another Malay chap asked me if I wanted to fill the drink to the top with ice (in case I wanted to add sugar) and I declined.

I never got this when I was wearing a polo and cap… and these are the exact same people who waited on me the last time. It’s crazy to think that what you wear affects the people around you but its true, even at banks and government offices. I twice walked into Versace wearing a t-shirt and another time wearing work clothes the latter garnering a gleeful grin from the assistant who followed me around like a irritating stalker.

Now I’m not saying the service at Starbucks is bad, it’s just better when you look like you earn more money. Next time I’m gonna wear some bling and see what happens, then some pimp looking outfit, hat with feather, etc. and see if the chicks treat me worse than the guys. Fucken experimentation like this rawks har har

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White & Nerdy

By UnkleBus

For all you hiphop gansta lovin', gat poppin', .net codin' biatchesss!!! it's so cool to be a nerd..

sing along ya'll! Restepc!!

Whaddoyou call that again?

By UnkleBus
You know… when someone is lying to you but they think you have no clue? And they carry on that little lie until it becomes quite unrealistic. To me it just boils down to how honest you can be with yourself… Bahhh…


I went to buy some toothpaste just now and as I walked back to the car I saw someone at Starbucks who looked exactly like a crush I had a few years back. She looked back at me as though she recognized me but we were both wearing caps so the view of our eyes wasn’t clear. It could have been her but I just walked past.

It reminded me of the one silly thing I did the last time trying to get her. Those days no “skill” yet lah, and as I think about it I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how na├»ve I was… it’s unbelievable. I don’t know what made me do such a remarkably stupid thing to get her. The worse part is that it didn’t even work.

I wrote a note.

…a sort of “confessional” note. Knowing that my handwriting was the shit I typed it out carefully in word, bullet marked it point by point as if rehearsing for some debate. I then took that note, it was printed on A4 paper and so I had to fold it up. I think it listed the things I liked about her and what to say.

Oh and I forgot, she even had a boyfriend at that time. I was so nervous when I went to her place, carefully sitting her down I took out the note and read it to her. Now that I think about it, I think she also didn’t know to laugh or cry.

Right now I cringe at the thought. Fucking embarrassing la stupid!

At the end of the ordeal (both for her and me), she was nice enough to gently let me down to the cold dark concrete, walked me out the door and sent me off. I think it was then she started laughing her ass off. The interesting part is that I remember I felt relieved after that, somewhat, that it did not work. I don’t understand why until now but never mind that. Now that I’m writing this I exorcise all the demons that plague my subconscious and will be able to “spanar” at 101% efficiency… *grin*

So now…

Boys and girls, don’t do that, be smart buy some flowers, or better yet pick them yourself. Do something romantic. It’s not all about how much the flowers cost, it’s the length and measure you go to make sure it’s the right kind. And if you’re gonna make a list, make sure you fucking memorize it and save yourself the embarrassment!

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My banner page

By UnkleBus
Last update: 20.09.06

These are the banners that I've made over time. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Moods & Colors 2

Kuachi wanted a banner that made use of this picture. It was taken off flickr. Just a little photomanipulation added

Stuck in reverse

Another simple banner. Photo taken from flickr.

The bloggila (The Godfather)

It was Aran's birthday and I bought him a cigar. He looked like the godfather and thats when inspiration struck. I had to remove the red stripes from his shirt before making the b&w conversion and then applying it back again. Then it was a little manipulation on the fonts.


No description except simple.


Awesome drawing in one of the alleys in Bangsar. It isn't grafiti per se because its stuck on. I guess the artist drew it and enlarged it before sticking it where it was.

In a Daze

Confused, lost, hypnotized? no direction or all at once.

Absolut UnkleBus

Alcohol inspired. Absolut has one of the best Ads in the world, minimalistic yet powerful the hot-bitch he-slut Zouk whore had to jump on the bandwagon. Cheap effects in use here like the peeling off letters.

Green Love

Green love, 'nuff said.

T-Rex ate my IT Manager

This time I got pissed at work and the direction management had taken (or the lack thereof). Stupid tagline and it's made to look like a 1 minute job on purpose because it really did take 1 min.

Snail mail

Another grotesque banner.


The time I made this banner, I felt really tired, almost giving up hope on work because of all that was happening. The image was perfect for a banner.

See the smells v2.5

Aran's camera captured some seriosuly trippy pictures that night at Zouk. Incidentally a raid was carried out that night. This banner is a mashup of 4 different images from that night. Thats actually me on the right wearing a cap and sunnies.

Katamari Damacy

I fell in love with this pic the moment i saw it. There wasn't much editing done, just the stars u see in the sky as well as a little pixel art to extend the hills and clouds. The original was much shorter.

Popculture Inc.

It was my favorite at that time. Simple idea of saving the thumbnails from deviantart and mashing it up into a banner. If you look closely at the pulpfiction thumbnail, you see that they're actually holding two yellow bananas. heh ;)


I made this partially with MSEXCEL to get the brick effect! haha I did a lame screen capture and then edited the results. So retro...

M&C Banner

Very simple banner, clean and attractive. Less is more I say.


The original image was taken from Deviantart and was potrait. The challenge was mashing it into a banner. Lots of masking and transparency effects and it was overkill.


Simple. picture with the title. No effects on the pic, just a slight feather on the fonts


The original picture did not fit the dimension of the banner so I used image transparency to create the effect. The vertical lines were unavoidable so made it part of the final design.


Shamelessly ripped from Aran's flickr. I masked out the skyline and added a zoom effect plus lense flare to the picture. Nice color, a little dark on the title.


This was the first banner for my blog. The original was a time lapse photo of a bay scene, the lines you see are those of a ferry passing by. It has a nice sense of flow to it.