where's the lizard?

By UnkleBus
it's between dyslexic and dysfunctional.

No wonder they consider themselves crooked. Now lemme get one thing straight (no pun intended but if you wish, then its fine by me)... this is not to lambast the entire group but rather the select and elite few elevated from levels of the norm, human-dom to the heights of uppe-de-bumme (be it lazy or not).

but what can I say that I've not already said? that the level he would stoop to would disgrace mankind? What sane person would try all those silly childish tricks and then say "you need a man just like me"? I know only one person and he isn't the hairiest of the bunch. Take a closer look at thy fine self. A wife that would not even talk to you. A child that doesn't know her own father? You speak poison to everyone and those who are left in the dark continue to think you are a friend.

But is that news to you? perhaps...

For those caught in the crossfire, I don't blame you. We don't blame you. A lame shrew couldn't have seen it coming, what with all that smoke in your eyes and your slowed response. An air vent the size of Chicago couldn't clear the air infront of you. Though blessed you are with one, you have a knack of misusing it. Caught between a rock and a hard place you made the choice and used the 10+ years to your advantage, Oh and what an advantage it got you.

So where were we?

ah yes, apparently the dyslexic and dysfunctional have teamed up to form a rather profound alliance. Admit it, you like it! you enjoy the attention although deep down you know she'll suffocate you ;) Bah, anyway that's another story.

I've got a short attention span, so for now I'll leave it and continue later. Angst has to be nurtured with calm. heh ;)