MY Animal Farm

By UnkleBus
There once was a farm, on a mountain’s foot it lay unbeknownst of its village surroundings. With such unpronounced glamour it once stood, indeed amidst the dreary air of staleness and stench from an old spring that had lost its lustre, no different from the farm itself.

One would hardly dare point a finger at the farmer, for his lack in amiably keeping farm. If you know what I mean. Ol’ Mckeroo spent time pondering and missing his dearly departed wife, gazing blankly at her antique China porcelain displayed boldly on the mantelpiece above the fire in his den. Such as, I am digressing here therefore I shall get back to my story of Ol’ Mckeroo and his dishevel of a farm and its fellow residents.

Ol’ Mckeroo’s favour rested solely on his feline, Cat and rooster, Cockerel. Cat was found straying north of Ol’ Mckeroo’s farm, when he found her. His pity with such graciousness reached out to her, and that’s how Cat came to belong to the Mckeroo Farm. Cockerel on the other hand had always been flying from village farm to another; having had no reason nor did affirmation which farm it preferred best. Til Cat befriended Cockerel and persuaded it to stay, with Cat’s power of persuasion (and curiosity) she had learnt along the way from the many villages she had put up with. With similar interests and backgrounds to share from around the village-kind, Cat and Cockerel soon became the best of acquaintances and playmates. They lived happily, until…one day curiosity killed the Cat.

Cockerel was dispirited and mooned about the house with hopes of seeking consolation from Mckeroo. Mckeroo subdued Cockerel with gentle strokes, words of comfort and fed it top grain.

Cockerel, being a cock wandered about the farm with its pompous yet tarnished air; and went back to its old habit of never staying put at one farm. It sought greater heights, albeit the fact that there was only so far it could flap its wings. Cockerel knew of its impairment but was determined for the rest of the farm animals never to lose their devotion towards it; especially in the eyes of Farmer Mckeroo. As it flapped and flapped from village farms to suburban farms, it was always discontented with what it saw. It thought the best of itself, for innate it was…for a cock to be cocky. Alas, perching on the manifold of fences visited, Cockerel was shot dead by 2 farmers whose dividing fence between both farmers’ lands Cockerel perched on.

Mckeroo died soon after from the shattering loneliness and loss of his 2 favourite animals. He felt incompetent, as even his Horse could not be led to water. After years of leading and bringing the Horse to water, Mckeroo realized he could not make Horse drink. Much indecisiveness revolved around Horse drinking water; sometimes not. It was difficult as Horse never gave a straight face for an answer. Only Mares had that power over Horse. Such disillusion fragmented the air in Mckeroo Farm. After Mckeroo’s death, the remaining inhabitants in Mckeroo Farm grew famished and perished. This included Horse as its stubbornness and refusal to drink water when guided…did this time lead Horse to kick the bucket.