By UnkleBus
Fourth day and I'm still fucked.

Gotto get them tonsil removed, really but it'll have to wait till I'm feeling fine to avoid further infection. 2 days of MC don't do jack shit. Smoking makes it worse and drinking? I can't drink!

I just crawled out of bed a moment ago thinking
Fuck me, I can't move my head again.

Taking a day EL today because its pointless working not being able to "entertain" my contacts. Boss ain't gonna be happy but I didn't do it on purpose so my conscience is clear

This is the second time this month

I really really need to take my vitamins again, after I've completed the antibiotics course. Antibiotics + vitamins = "bad" because one kills and the other nourishes.

Even my hearing is partially impaired

I'm going back to bed then doctor shopping later for more antibiotics. Luckily for me this time he prescribed synflex (painkiller), which gets me through the day