fuck fuck and fuck

By UnkleBus
fucking hell

i have to fucking blog this

last night's farewell was the fucking bomb

but at the back of my mind something was fucking bothering me

my throat felt like fuck

but the fucking entertainment shit went off without a hitch

only thing is that they said 7 minutes each, but performed less than 4 fucking mins

i got home fucking early and slept

then at 5 fucking AM i get a call to book table at maison

fucking 15 guestlist

then another call to make sure its the fucking sofa upstairs

now i have a sharp fucking pain in my stomach

no doubt from the fucking alcohol again

and my throat feels like fuck

at least my sis left me a fucking pack of dunhill lights in my room

and i'm sucking on some fucking strepsils

and i cant fucking sleep


fuck fuck and FUCK