what this is

By UnkleBus
As much as I'd like to describe how i feel at this point of time, the words simply escape me. For the colours seem dulled and so too my taste buds. Its only been a couple of months but these two days have so far been the longest. Third day and counting. The most trying. I'm again wandering aimlessly, like how everyone sometimes feels alone even amongst a madding crowd. Though only a phone call away, and while I am thankful for that, the reality is that it is significantly different.I'm time and again reassured though, she's does it her own way, through her gestures, sometimes simple, always significant. Those mean the most to me. For once in my life I am (I think) making the effort to understand and to try to look at things maturely, which is not to say that I am mature just that its alien to me. I, for my own selfish reasons, want it back to the way it was but looking at what it could and will be, know it is worth the arduous wait.