some samui

By UnkleBus

The entire team plus our agency set off to Koh Samui last weekend for brand academy. We stayed at Centara Resort, a heck of a long way from the so called "happening" area was. From the looks of it, Centara caters mainly for honeymoon couples. Yup private bungalows, showers with skylights, etc. I'm a little too lazy to explain the entire trip so here are some pics :P

Thats Roen goofing around with Joleen. Free in-airport (subang only) porter service *grin*

Yup I think we all prayed for our lives when we saw this

We left by berjaya air and arrived there 2 hours later. By the time we got the the resort it was already night; we stopped by a hypermarket to stock up on alcohol and junk food.

Before. You don't even want to know what the after picture looks like

Buffet by the sea, and sand in your shoe. Perfect.

They had a nice buffet spread, grilled rock lobster, shark meat and barracuda amongst others. It was a good compared the the crap we had on the plane. One measly swiss roll and an egg sandwich WITH PINEAPPLE *ugh*

How lovely. Me and my roomie Roen (see above) loved it (not to sound dodgy)

After dinner and checking in, the rooms are lovely btw. Skylight shower and throne. They even have a lil pot thingy for you to stare at and contemplate life while you take a dump (sorry no pic tho, I need my full attention while conducting business...). The next morning we could really see what the place was all about. At night its a damn maze of stairs, 2 million steps uphill to the reception or something like that.

Nice? yeah but damn hot lah

Nice view

Then we went shopping

Ok so that was kinda like day 1? I'm getting it mixed up already. The shopping there is EXACTLY the same as phuket. Except they've 1 7-11 for every 2 KM or something like that. Crazy.

Ok I'm really lazy now. Pics with captions only from here. HAHA. Enjoy!

Alex and the imaginary flaming lambo

Joachim, trying to psycho us to drink, and it worked

Zuhdi, Lam & me

Group Pic, the entire team I think?

Taken at Raggae Bar, how we ended up there I have NO idea...

Nourishment for our poor selves, after a hard night of partying

Green mango opposite purple pinapple, beside pink papaya. (Kidding about the last 2)

Bar solo was particularly nice, DJ Pull played electro house and it was a far cry from the R&B and Hip-hop of green mango. It wasn't too crowded so we had the upstairs all to ourselves. We ended up here on our last night.

Dik & Franchesca

Zuhdi got his groove on

Tini & Lam

Brian and Jessy