Halloween Poken set

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They are at it again! And for a limited time only prices for Poken's in Malaysia have been reduced to RM69.90 for a single selected poken or RM 120 if you get the twinpack promotion.

This is the price others were selling it at doing bulk orders if I remember correctly.

The pokens under this promo include Frankistien, Voodoo Child, Tru Blood, Summer Boo and Fire Dragon. You can also get the twinpack promo for the same designs here.


PokenAsia brings the PULSE to ASIA

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PokenAsia just introduced the pokenPULSE to Malaysia and the surrounding countries. It's a sexy, sleek and totally business minded poken that stores up to 2GB of files. It has a virtually limitless contact list and it works with the other pokens! I'm gonna get mine...I mean I've already ordered it haha... I just wished it would arrive sooner!

I can't wait for it.

Some of the features are: -

  • 2GB of memory for important files that need to travel with you.
  • sleek black design for the social connector looking to add some mystery to their style.
  • replaceable battery
  • hot plug-and-play
  • usb connector
  • no driver needed
  • insert and function like any other hard drive

Just surf on over to http://www.pokenasia.com for more info on the pokenPULSE



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all the flash, but still all trash

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what's it like in your little bubble?


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Taken at the open air car-park at the side of of all places; Imbi plaza...

credit goes to the super sunday