ahhhhhhh, hehhhhhh!!!!

By UnkleBus
it is that time of year again, when people flail arms in the air, bumping each other at shopping malls and brashly braving the crowd... like that miscreant from home alone, singing in voices only a mother could love and rushing for the last piece of turkey. yes, it is that time of year again...

Christmas.. let's foolishly proclaim the happiness under twinkling of stars; and might I add they were aplenty. Christmas trees, Christmas luncheons, Christmas, bah. I ain't no Grinch, though it's an absolute flinch to sigh "AHHHHH, HEHHHHHH". Oh I do smell the ol' new season, 'twas I say... it's time to jump at the opportune to play host and christmassy snowy flaky turkey.

this year no different but it holds no bars nor bars no holds except for what the normal weather man (or shall we say person, *ehem*) says it should be; a season to be celebrated with friends and family, rather sheepishly for burrowing into frosty topsoil where the snowman sits comfortably until spring when it melts leaving twigs, coloured pebbles and of course a carrot brings frowns on the brows of the merry green men.

yes, what say you that problems that ever exist never exist during this period, nor with the flood of unusual... wait... I think bizarre be (or peculiar a better vernacular of choice) sms about the festive season abound... incoming!!! Ho ho ho... but the origin OR ... get this... reason be behind it, remains mystery we all celebrate and cover ourselves in joy and laughter and the occasional bowl of rather bland broth (well, bland if you should so compare it to the broth of the north) and yup...

it is the season to rhyme. to put away all fears, show everyone we are doing "Ayy Oww Kay", present a smiley face and naturally celebrate!

This season WE wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a Happier New Year. I've made my wish a long time ago, it came true, and then some! so wrap your pressie with care, think not of the price! because it's easier for the king's & queen's men & horses to do the running than it is for Humpty Dumpty to break his fall on a hot day with an oiled pavement.