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By UnkleBus
Is the woman smiling or not?

My brother passed me the book and out of sheer boredom I read the first couple of pages. Ended up reading the next few chapters. It speaks about human nature and the study of all (errm, almost all) things quirky; like how generally people are quick and willing to accept facts about themselves that put them in a good light, how your birth date influences your life, etc.

With all the recent drama, who wouldn't want to know more or why? Wiseman (I think his name itself is an experiment to see if it drives sales) is funny and offbeat in the mad scientist way, which is fine by me since he is a professor and they're all kinda mad anyway.

How does your surname influence your life?

What does the way you walk reveal about your personality?

Why should women have men write their personal ads?

What is the funniest joke in the world?

Why are people in Delhi more helpful than Londoners?

How can you tell when someone is lying?

Why do incompetent politicians win elections?

What is the best chat-up line?

For over twenty years, psychologist Prof Richard Wiseman has examined the quirky science of everyday life. He has spent nights in allegedly haunted houses, conducted clandestine experiments in over 30 countries, and dressed up in a giant chicken suit. Here, he describes his adventures into the backwaters of human behaviour, and pays tribute to others who have carried out similarly weird and wonderful work. Presenting a fresh look at the fascinating phenomenon that is your life, this is the definitive guide to what happens when scientists misbehave. Like Freakonomics? Then you will love Quirkology.

I couldn't put it down, and you know how much I actually read... if you don't include electronic media, close to nothing. Recommended read coz I sayz so.