By UnkleBus
What is this, intentions were declared? what; marking your territory? this isn't high school where one can stick a poster declaring it's his/her locker room when in one's presence you know. People grow... wait... I mean grow up. So what if you declare intentions? All bets are off? bet meaning an inclusion of bet-rayal? go stuff your face. or your cave. i rhyme. i like.

Just simple vindications slap you in your face, yet again... you don't have to justify your excuse. If in any dissimulating manner of yours that'd like to evict itself from betrayal, it's called dignity, in which you lack completely. Look it up in the dick-tionary. Besides, you are familiar with those grounds.

Someone tell me please, oh please, since when was it that when you said something and that it had to be that way? Your way? You ain't no Frank Sinatra. You AIN'T A CELEBRITY as YOU ALWAYS CLAIM TO BE. REALITY CHECK. Your claim to fame is as unsightly as a supposed "drunkard" leaning up against the wall licking an ice cube with one eye open. *ugh*

Even if you have a built-in dustbin, suitable for a game of tissue disposal (which brings you the attention you crave), it does not grant you a position above us mere mortals. So in the end, what goes around comes back around and for what it's worth everything happens for a reason