Harry Pothead and His Raging Hormones

By UnkleBus
Harry pothead found his hormones and his crew were at it again. Is it just me or does the "one-who-should-not-be-named" also plan his attacks according to the holidays? Well you see everything starts when they're on break. Always. So the dark lord does celebrate the holidays with the rest of the kids... or at least follows the schedule lightly.

Anyway We caught the movie last night at Cineleisure and as usual for a Friday night it was packed. It was around 2 hours plus. Two hours of character building and the "plus" for the final fight scene. 2 stinking hours to wait for some action. Ok la, there are some scenes here and there that will jostle you from your seat, peppered with suspense and then *jeng jeng jeng*. You know what I mean? yes yes...

But I found some scenes too abrupt for my liking; Potter sleeping, tossing and turning and the next you know it, he's already at the ministry for his trial. At that point I didn't know if he were still dreaming or not. I've not read the book so I don't know what happened in between. They go about their business till some wicked (and frankly I think stellar performance) pink thing comes and takes over the school.

Thats when he decides to break out of his oh "I'm so noble I don't wanna get you in trouble" act cause (because I think he really believes it!) and gets the others involved. Big underground student magic lesson/movement ensues, boy kisses girl, small band of rebels forge ahead, band of cohorts get trapped in trap (oh I just did it didn't I? hehe), almost lose to wicked long blonde hair dude, gets saved by some order of a burning pheasant, goes off to fight "he who would not be made fun of his nose", gets saved by dude with long white curly beard to have phoenix members and ministry show up at last possible moment to witness.


So the last bit where Dumbledorf faces off (no pun intended) Voldermort is superb. It reminded me of the fight between Gandalf the Grey and Saruman the White in Lord of the Rings but with much much more effects thrown into it. This scene is worth the 2 hour wait. The huge fire dragon Voldermort conjured up and the way he used the shattered glass to attack was out of this world. Dumbledore was no slouch either. His elemental water ball thing and how he shielded Potter from the glass shards was very impressive.

I think this is how all wizard fight scenes will be judged against in the future. They've really come a long way since the first potter kid's flick and if it weren't for the fact that my ego wont allow me to say I love the movie, I'd say I love the movie, so I wont say it... haha but yes yes the final scene does pull its chops and surpassed my expectations and even if you hate the Potter series, fantasy flick aficionados must see the final fight scene.