Marking your territory

By UnkleBus
Funny how most of the places I've started work at, there will always be at least ONE person who feels the urge to brag tell you, the new person, how his/her working relationship is with the team, how perfect it already is and how "everyone" likes it that way. Case in point was last night.

Feeling a need to scratch a terrible itch I've had because I've been out of action, we headed to Velvet. Around halfway through, my future boss at BAT (British American Tobacco) showed up because it was his birthday, I joined him later for a few rounds and he started introducing me to the rest of the BAT crew. It was then that he introduced me to this one particular fella who started going on about things in the office. The rest just weren't bothered, they wanted to have fun and drink.

He started off by very subtly telling me what my boss' team does and what his team does, then he steps it up a notch and throws in his own background, the previous companies he's worked for but putting it in a way like how someone would to compare their previous jobs. Not stopping there raising the bar even further he tells me that his team loves suggestions as long as no one "bothers" his team with telling them what to do.


What makes people SO afraid that some shit may happen they feel the need to lift one leg up and urinate the rules on the wall? Why not just give me your CV too so that I can gasp in AWE what experience you have at other companies. Yes yes if you saw mine, you prolly wouldn't even know what VB stood for. (not Victoria Bitter, drunkards)

Yeah well, maybe it was "friendly advice" and I should just accept it at face value, but on the other hand, the moment anyone tries to tell me or anyone else how much of "the man" they are signals to me how much of "the problem" they will be. Feeling threatened before a new guy starts work is already bad enough, let alone a new guy who can screw up your IP connection and delete drivers from your PC remotely... hee hee

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