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By UnkleBus
Last Friday, my car decided on its own that I did not need airconditioning during the haze season. It got progressively worse as the belt started screaming at random intervals and there was the smell of burning rubber through the vents. I shall not get philosophical as to why because I'm quite annoyed that I'm faced with a car-less situation, wait lah, I'm getting to that. So after a weekend of procrastination, today, the day I decided to move my ass to get it fixed would prove more troublesome than just postponing it to another day.

It went from good to terrible in about 30 minutes.

I woke up this morning still feeling a some aches from the weekend and yesterday's fever, my throat was parched from the one sided tonsilitis. I was supposed to meet up with Yoga for lunch at 12 so feeling much better than the day before I decided to send the car in. At first it wasn't so bad. The prognosis was a loose fan & timing belt, which would cost me RM280 to fix at most. Fine. I left the car there while Yoga graciously decided to come get me from Ming Tien. Some time after we had our lunch, which was good shit BTW, (Shogun at 1U, I wish I had more space though) the dude from the shop called up to tell me that my compressor was fucked and needed replacement. To a bigger unit (as if it wasn't big enough, har har) which would set me back 600 bucks! so what to do, change only lah.

Already feeling a little worried doing my mental calculation for this months expenses, like the bday, road tax and insurance renewal another call came through and the dude said he got into an accident. Mafarker. From his description on the phone I had the impression it was just a dent. When I saw my car at the police station though, it was almost a complete wreck. The bonet was bent about 30cm upwards, radiator was the shape of a banana, both front lights and bumper broken and the lower fron chasis was bent slightly.

Apparently he was on the way to get the compressor in my car when some lady that was driving a kancil infront of him made an illegal u-turn and reversed back without looking. She claimed innocence as did he but I doubt my mechanic's story. He must've been going rather fast when it happened. Testing the car maybe. If she did reverse, she would have done so in the exact same circle that she made the u-turn, which would explain why my car hit her car's corner angle. So why in the first place would she reverse in the exact same angle as her u-turn? You know what's the best part?

The police don't believe him either.

So fuck, I am car-less but either way, I'm not paying a cent for the damages...

well maybe just for the belt change and then I'm switching mechanics.

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