Does it matter what you wear?

By UnkleBus
I think so...

It seems as though it doesn’t matter but today my suspicions have been confirmed. What you wear equals the level of treatment you get. The day before yesterday I came by Starbucks to get some work done. I was wearing a polo shirt, jeans and a cap. I ordered the usual, an iced Grande Americano. The level service was as expected of a business in this country, glum and face like someone died the previous night. It didn’t bug me much.

Yesterday, again I went to Starbucks but at Mt. Kiara and I would rate the level of service there the same as what I received at the curve. No smiles, no extra touch. I was also wearing a polo shirt and a cap. Today however, because of some business, I had to wear a nice working blue long sleeve shirt and did up my mohawk hair and “suddenly” things changed here at the curve.

I walked in and immediately went on to look for a seat near a power plug. I could hear in the background the crew saying hello (I was the only one who walked in then) even though I had not paid them any attention. I looked up at them and they said “hello” and “hi sir” again. Amazing! When I went to order my drink the lady was so cordial, so polite and so helpful. Her teeth were so white it was blinding. When my drink was done, another Malay chap asked me if I wanted to fill the drink to the top with ice (in case I wanted to add sugar) and I declined.

I never got this when I was wearing a polo and cap… and these are the exact same people who waited on me the last time. It’s crazy to think that what you wear affects the people around you but its true, even at banks and government offices. I twice walked into Versace wearing a t-shirt and another time wearing work clothes the latter garnering a gleeful grin from the assistant who followed me around like a irritating stalker.

Now I’m not saying the service at Starbucks is bad, it’s just better when you look like you earn more money. Next time I’m gonna wear some bling and see what happens, then some pimp looking outfit, hat with feather, etc. and see if the chicks treat me worse than the guys. Fucken experimentation like this rawks har har

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