By UnkleBus

It was quite a mad rush leading up to the big day last Saturday, things had to be done, stuff bought, changes here and there. Perry and Ellie were the busiest couple with so many things to plan, from the wedding dinner to the tea ceremony, to the food for the relatives coming down to visit. It was to me a logistical nightmare but they pulled it off without a hitch.

It was hilarious, the tea ceremony. Andre and Ivan (one of the chee mui’s) had a personal bout to see if we could handle whatever they threw at us. A triple layer wasabi cookie with chili in the middle was Ivan’s weapon of choice. It left all of us choking and in tears. My nose floodgates opened immediately and I started tearing, feeling the gas forcing its way upwards sent me reeling.

Ivan is so FIERCE! *snap*

The whole time Andre and Ivan were at it, seeing who could be more “Fierce!” we had to eat coffee powder, which I kinda enjoyed actually, drink condensed milk, eat wasabi cookies (ugh!), drink vinegar with a twist of lemon, which surprisingly tasted good after the wasabi. Finally we had our legs wax and stripped of hair. I cant wear shorts outside anymore. Haha

Then it was a test for Perry, a few questions only he would know. He got a few mixed up ending up in Joey having his face drawn with lipstick. Extra tattoos? Heh then Peachy Ellie’s Shih Tzu, the key to the door on his collar, came running as soon as Perry called. Haha the girls protested Peachy’s obedience, yup… he knew he wasn’t one of the chee mui’s *grin* Eating M&Ms out of the bride’s hand Perry emerged champion with Elle at his side and went on to the tea ceremony.

Later on we headed back to Perry Ellie’s place, hereby referred to as “The Loh’s” where we had lunch, with his relatives. After one point Perry’s dad decided to show the video John made of the morning, all our sour faces after having had the wasabi and vinegar. A real tear-jerker that was. Then it was off to the hotel. We packed the stuff, grabbed what we needed and shot off.

Dinner started roughly when we expected it to, my initial hiccups aside (the crowd was quite forgiving) it went well and had a good flow to things. I didn’t get want to eat for fear of having things stuck in my teeth. Our table was pretty empty, most of the crew had to do something or be somewhere.

The highlight of the night though was when Perry and Ellie presented their video on what love meant. It was heartfelt and personal. Reading it and hanging out with them I could really see that it wasn't just words made up but what they do every minute of every day, it was so natural for them being in love. Later Perry’s dad Remy, and his brother Martin together with Christine went on stage to sing. Their enormous stage presence and vocal talent got the crowd going, with a few tears spotted (you know who!) and it was touching. For those who know, the song by Remy to his son was the most meaningful and meant coming full circle for father and son.

I don’t know what else to say. When it ended it seemed too soon… too short and personally, I wanted it to last as long as it could. It wasn’t the grandest of weddings but it was the most intimate of all. From the time he announced it earlier this year till the actual day felt like only minutes. But I suppose this isn’t the destination but just part the journey he’s on. He’s the luckiest man to have Ellie, but luck on his part is due to his hard work, love and dedication, true too on Ellie’s part and they both deserve each other. I’m happy just to have been in their presence.

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