By UnkleBus
There is hope after all. Yesterday after having lunch with the bride and gorgeous I hopped over to Citibank to bank in a check. I also enquired about their business loans. To comply, the company must be of 2 or more years to fit their criterion but the lady that attended to me was very helpful. She told me about the “Credit Guarantee Corporation” and its function.

Pardon my ignorance but I’ve never heard of them before and never knew of such an agency. It is apparently government run and its function is to aid new businesses. CGC acts as sort of a guarantor to local banks. Once your business plan has been approved by CGC they’ll instruct the bank to disperse the cash with more flexible repayment terms.

No one said starting a business would be easy but at least it’s getting more and more interesting. Sitting behind a desk coding application for hours hasn’t prepared me at all so I’ll take it a step at a time. Heck, if this works out maybe I’ll write a FAQ haha *grin*

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