Americano dreams

By UnkleBus
Last night the guys hit Ghetto to the sounds of DJ Shortee Blitz from the UK and DJ Fuzz along with his MC and a local Chinese bald guy that thinks he’s black every time we’re at ghetto (Ditto his crew). It was really good, Shortee’s live scratching and mixing skills were even more polished than DJ Irwan… Irwan on the other hand had better progression in his choice of music, even inspiring some (me included) to take up dance lessons *grin*

I can’t name, rather don’t want to name the tracks because its always the same stuff in this part of the hemisphere, rap/hip-hop tracks have come to a point where it sounds very much the same and the same tracks are played in all clubs. What sets them apart is how they set it up, remix on the go and scratch. Something I think was a blessing in disguise that Zouk let go their then resident Goldfish and his warm up brother, sometimes too eager brother, T-bone.

Since those two are gone now to a rival club Zouk’s mighty financial arm is bringing in what seems to be the “real deal” and fans of ghetto can no longer predict what songs the DJ will drop, unlike how to the point where it almost was with goldfish (hahaha)

Before that we were invited for a Kent party at Maison for which Mervin sorted us out and being the first to arrive, we were ushered in like superstars(?) and headed to our table. Drinks we’re on Kent, 2 bottles for every table. Delia was kind enough to stay and have drinks with us, thanks babe. The crowd was good seriously… and it felt a little more approachable than the crowd at Ghetto.

Tonight we’ll hit the P. Ramlee area to check out some places we don’t normally go. Just for kicks. Since we always party at the same place, we want to see where and how other people have fun too heh. Tomorrow night will be something else. Back to good ol’ trance and some much missed shuffling, or trying to shuffle, at Gatecrasher. Hahah. For now I’m gonna go pay my bills and get my Americano. Damn… I miss her so much. ;)

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