Webdesigner's Woeful Wish.hunger.com

By UnkleBus
As I sit on my green throne

Not to be mistaken for the porcelain pedestal

Red bull I groan

Your sugar content making me mental

Website design ain’t my thing

I do this pixel, the other comes out

I need some inspiration, anything

Bugger, think I’d rather die from gout

As the skies turn from black to blue

My ciggie also finish already

I try to figure what’s that hue

But I forgot how to convert it to RGB

Damn it, bloody cursed HTML

Why you suddenly got CSS

Lucky I know Corel

But I still have your mess

Nevermind lah, it’s almost breakfast

Mind is blank when tummy is empty

Wait till it's 7am first

At least got chee cheong fun curry

-tyler (redoing the webbie after files were lost, and server fucked up)

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