Oh my poor bekside

By UnkleBus
It was a stunning day. Why? My bekside feels stunned.

Yoga and I went out for lunch today and since he’s on leave till next week we had coffee and yakked about cars and more cars. Then it was time for gym, a one day pass that Cameron arranged for me. Thanks Cam. Let me say that FF is way different than celebrity. The equipment looks more ..er.. expensive? I didn’t try out all the machines but what I did join Cameron’s RPM session. Now I know I need more exercise my stamina is crap. After the second part, already panting and sweating like a mad pig, my innards started hurting so after that till the end I took it slow. That’s when my bekside started hurting lah. Serious. Wear padded shorts. I am not kidding. If you don’t have padded shorts get two washing sponges and shove ‘em in your back pocket rough surface facing out… if not you’ll get some squeaky clean skin. Har har

Then came the friendly uncle

After that and a couple rounds (two only!) of weights Aran and I headed off to Jln Gasing for some chicken rice. We had our meal and I needed a light so I walked over to this uncle, who btw had 8 bottles or more of beer, to borrow a light. He insisted that I take the lighter and started being friendly. Falcohol! He was damn friendly and then gave me a hug, then an almost hug, then later when I saw him asking the waiter for lighter I wanted to give him back his lighter; a third hug. He even said Keep it short and sharp, KISS and gave me an air kiss, to which I replied, uncle no gay stuff please.

But let me clear things up, just in case.

My bekside pain, is in NO way related to beer Uncle ok?

Now I can sleep properly and quite the kangkang. *grin*

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