Back in KL

By UnkleBus
It's good to be back! ZoukOut was massive this year but although the turnout was a little less than last year, it was still packed with bodies. Ferry Corsten played his songs from his LEF album and towards the end dropped the classic Doom's Night by Azzido Bass. The sunrise set by Aldrin followed up with banging tunes until the event ended, quite hard stuff. It didn't really sound like a sunrise set but he has a penchant for knowing what the crowd wants.

On Friday we went out shopping around orchard, scouting shops from toys to cameras. Later that evening we headed to home for indie rock and freeflow then to Zouk. Zouk Singapore's Mainroom has this incredible pressure wind machine. It lets out gusts of air at high speed, fogging up the dance floor. You couldn't even see someone 1 foot infront of you. I hope they get that in to Zouk Malaysia! it was fawesome.

Anyway I need to unpack and get my shit organized. Pics will be up tomorrow. Cheers!

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