I love this country

By UnkleBus
I'm fiercely patriotic but stuff like this makes me want to puke.


They pass racist slurs at their general assembly then attempt to downplay the issue. Lets not forget the sexists.

People comment, then we say they have no right to do so because he isn't Malaysian.

Every kid dreams of being an astronaut. Malaysia will realize this dream for two glorified mamaks and the dream of every Malaysian to live a kampung life. Teh-tarik while playing batu seremban in zero-gravity anybody? bravo!

Then they try damage control, RTM to bring in more Chinese content

UMNO calls up and gives those a "stern" warning. Oh I feel so much better, my ass...

Yesterday, reports say that they want to control blogging.

Tell me we don't live in a country governed by complete idiots and hypocrites.

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