By UnkleBus
I usually get dreamless sleep for which I’m thankful for, or when I do it is pleasant. This time however it was bad. I don’t know if it was the anticipation of today’s event later this afternoon or it was the movie I just watched at midnight.

I remember it being violent. I was an observer at times, then a participant. There was a scene where there was a single mother, pregnant and struggling with an infant trying to get to a train and it was rush hour. The baby needed changing and she almost dropped him/her. Out of desperation she put the baby on the ground and some other lady with a couple of young kids had stopped to help her. Next thing was she turned back and when she looked again the baby was gone, kidnapped and she panicked.

Next I felt myself thrust into a fight, this guy had his hands bound and a gunshot wound to his chest. It was I beating him or him me. It’s not very clear. What was clear is that I came out of the dream, the bizarre area between consciousness and unconsciousness, and thought that I’d go back in with a katana to defend myself. This time really bring pain to the game. I felt the pressing sensation on my chest, like extra strong gravity… and in an instant I was again back in trying to slash his head off. Then the dream shifted to another scene before I could, with satisfaction, vanquish my foe.

All the rest is a blur, some crazy dude who crapped in his pants and all that blah blah.

Woke up minutes later, decided to have a fag and a drink and quietly try to convince myself that breakfast isn’t worth it because I’m too tired, although to think of it, I could use some dim sum right now. I still feel a little drowsy and sleepy. Maybe another hour more of sleep would do me good before breakfast. The sky is already getting bright; I wish I have my camera already.

But then again you can’t have everything all the time can you?

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