Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

By UnkleBus
Never knew the beetles were capable of it, they aren’t exactly “ Jimmy Hendrix” singing purple haze and/or whoever sang puff the magic dragon nor are they responsible for that white horse song. But Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds makes people delusional, they only see things they want to see, sometimes don’t but can’t help it. It’s all in their head.

Still lost?

Good. Delusion has been a cornerstone in human civilization, some have grown out of it, some haven’t, but those who have not live in their own worlds most of the time so it mainly doesn’t bother me. I am deluding you now. What Lucy does is further augment that delusion.

Nevermind, say thank you when I spank you!

So what do you do when u put Lucy with Purple Haze and White horse? (White Horse should be coke not crack rite? I guess it’ll be called white donkey for crack) a silly post with no underlying message. Well not really. The message is

“If you’ve been doing something, and it doesn’t seem to be working, you’re most likely doing it wrong. Either admit it and change your style or just move on”.

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