Post Laze

By UnkleBus
Lately I’ve been really lazy with posts. I’m sometimes not even bothered to do my usual RSS reader thing, now it’s all piling up with 300+ unread posts. My usual routine includes checking comments, the usual suspects’ blogs, reading stuff off Google reader. If you haven’t tried RSS readers, try out GoogReader. So far they’ve managed to fix most of the bugs from the very first version (that’s what they’re paid to do I suppose heh) and it works smoothly now.

Last night a bunch of us went to check out an opening of a new club called Bed. It’s located at the corner of Heritage Row directly opposite The Loft. They had a little catwalk plus signboard emulating those award nights where stars would pose in front of the sponsors for pictures. We saw many regulars, the ones categorized as “opening night-ers” or “freeflow-ers”, those you would only normally see at these events and also the ones u see at every club every weekend

We got there half past ten, met Jo at the entrance and proceeded to enter the club. We didn’t head to the floor, instead we followed Jo down a narrow corridor where the toilet was located; read: Body Jam, and headed down to the basement. This place was different than the upstairs and quite clearly catered to the up market crowd. It had a cigar room and a few beds here and there.

After a while we headed upstairs to check it out before heading over to Mambo. No real comments about the ground floor because we spent about half an hour there but it felt like they were trying to recapture the Boom-Boom Room or Magrez feel. They were playing house btw. Overall the club had a very sterile look and feel it; like a hospital where the only medication they feed you is alcohol...

The beds (I’m assuming it’s why they call themselves such) are quite off compared to Maison, where the idea is perfectly executed. There are more beds in Maison to begin with and with that sort of white tile, white ceiling feel to a club, lying down feeling drunk/high would be like having your stomach pumped at the local ICU.

The music played downstairs, which was its saving grace, was spanking and (dare I say) even better than Zouk on most nights although patrons may find it confusing to be at such a posh club, wearing heels and all dressed up trying to shuffle but it could be that it was the opening night. It also got a little too stuffy for my liking.

Will I go there again? Yes...err maybe. Only in a couple of months to see how the crowd has changed from opening but I know I won’t be craving for it.

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