So near yet so far

By UnkleBus
Four hours and I’ve been waking up every half hour. The cough is starting to annoy me. I’m also seeing ghosts… shadows at the corner of my eye, but it doesn’t bother me as much… I need my sleep

You know what annoys me the most though? People who think they know me and start talking about me as if they do. I was thinking about it before I caught some zees. Like when someone I’ve met barely a handful of times, calls me a player or someone whom I don’t speak too much, nor hang out with calls me lansi (arrogant).

Where do they get off calling me that? You don’t know me; we don’t go way back, I don’t even know your full name. Every time something like that happens I lose respect for you. When I go clubbing it isn’t about anything else but having fun and enjoying myself. The rest is all a bonus.

But I don’t think they’ll understand that

So just fuck it. I’m having way too much fun without them around to pass snide comments. I’m happy, but for kicks I’ll post the obligatory I don’t give a fuck picture.

Cheers Biatch!

P/s: Another thing that annoys me is an MSN conversation where there are more than 2 emoticons in a single sentence… and that sentence is 4 words long. You think those emoticons are cute, too cute even? Behind the screen I’m already cursing and swearing. How to understand you huh? HOW HOW!!?!? That’s why GTALK ROCKS. So get it here!

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