Well well look whos talking

By UnkleBus
Apparently A reader… one single reader, whom does not blog or maintain an online presence, seems to think that my blog, as well as some closely related blogs, are not doing our jobs well by posting intellectual entries. Because he is the single most intelligent and very outspoken non-blogger known to man, which I’m sure has countless entries just flying around in his head ready to be put on paper but wasn’t, because of his quest to save the trees; we non-intellectual bloggers have to listen closely and heed his advice.

I have, because of this single reason, from this single person, who is the single most intelligentest and cleverestest person on the planet, which does not maintain an online presence, let alone shop on eBay, nor scratch his gonads while he is alone; decided to TRY to write him an intelligent letter asking him 3 questions that mankind has never been able to answer…

This post pays homage to him. *bows*


Dear all knowing single most intelligent non-blogger on the face of this planet, solar system and universe:

I UnkleBus, firstly... would like to humbly beg forgiveness from you, for not being able to live up to your intelligent post quota. For that single reason and coming from whom I think is utterly and unimaginably intelligent, I must post something that pays homage to you in the most intelligent way.

But I, being an inquisitive creature, needs to know if its really you oh mighty and brainy one, and ask you three questions that you, the single non-blogger intellectual will know that the rest of mankind doesn’t. This is purely a verification process and just in case the real intelligent, non-blogger intellectual Einstein of the 21st and 22nd century is a hoax.

Question 1:
How much wood,
Would a woodchuck chuck,
If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Question 2:
Red lorry, Yellow lorry
Repeat x 10 (as fast as possible)

What color do you get?

Question 3:
The sixth sick shiek's sixth sheep's sick
How many camels are there?

I eagerly await your reply, oh great one...who doesn't polish his marbles... even when no one is looking...

Silly non-intellectual wannabe blogger


So there you have it. 3 questions JUST to verify if that single non-blogger, with opinions that change nations, shape geniuses, fuel wars and doesn’t even scratch his balls even when a swarm of locusts are hatching in his pubes, not even when no one is looking; can be verified so that my other not-so-intellectual bloggers, me included, can learn from his great example of … err… example and be JUST LIKE HIM.

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