Freakie Ikkie

By UnkleBus
I'm a goddamn MEME.
Just woke up and doing a Personality HEHE
Still haven't even brush my GIGI
Or even gone to WEWE

check it, two, three, four


You're in a forest...

  1. you see a bear what would you do?
  2. shout "CRIKEY!!!!"
  3. the bear is attacting you, what would you do?
  4. shout "CRIKEY, Look at the SIZE and POWAHH!!!!"
  5. you see a wall and theres no end, what would you do?
  6. Try to climb and sit on top of it so I can see both sides
  7. your wandering around the forest and u see a castle, is the door open or closed?
  8. its closed, but the sign says 24hrs. go figure
  9. u go in the castle. after all that walking, ur thirsty as hell. u see alot of glasses which one would yours look like?
  10. The one that looks like a beer can
  11. you see a table and u have plenty of time to decorate it. what would be on the table?
  12. i dont want to decorate it i want to see the bear
  13. u walk out of the castle and u see a lake, how many swans are there?
  14. none. but there are pelicans, flamingos and loons
  15. as u walk around u see a pond and theres a talking fish. would u talk to the fish?
  16. yes, i'd say "Look at the POWAhh And SIze of that MATE, and it talks, CRIKEY!!!"
  17. the fish tells u how to get out of this forest, would u hesitate but still keep in mind what the fish said? or would u listen?
  18. it depends, will there be cougars next door?
  19. as ur walking u see a hill. on top of the hill u see a house, how do u feel?
  20. I hope it has an internet connection


  1. You're walking on a road. Describe that road.
  2. It's made out of small and tiny gravel rocks, mixed with tar heated then compressed and then rapidly cooled. Pretty much standard everywhere in the world.
  3. You enter a forest. Describe your surroundings.
  4. Lots of trees around and i see rocky ledges. it looks like its autumn
  5. You turn into an animal. What animal is that.
  6. One eyed snake? maybe not... erm cougar heh
  7. You meet another animal. What animal is that.
  8. female cougar, many many female cougars... like some kind of cougar convention, the main speaker is rather hot for a cougar. like that chick lion in that lion cartoon movie.. erm.. lion king. yeah.
  9. A house comes into view, describe that house.
  10. It must be magical, because i'm still at the cougar convention.
  11. How do you get into the house?
  12. Usually its through the front door.
  13. You see a cup on the table. What sort of cup is it? Eg. glass, ceramic etc.
  14. Cloth cup
  15. You go upstairs and enter a room. Describe the condition of the room.
  16. Minimalistic, almost spartan. with a big plasma and fireplace
  17. You see someone watching the tv comfortably in the house. Describe how you feel upon seeing the person.
  18. hunger
  19. At the back of the house, there is a wall. How do you get past that wall?
  20. I would just leave thru the front

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