Poked and stripped

By UnkleBus
The trip to the doctor wasn't the usual. They gave me some damn forms to fill up. Then I had to fill up a cup. Then they measured me, my height, weight, eyesight. Surprisingly i scored 6/6 for vision.

After which the doctor took my blood pressure, then poked me with a needle. In my arm btw... for those high C's that always need to know the details... and just in case you think the needle went somewhere else...

Then i had to take off my shirt and get my chest examined. He then told me to strip, show him the family jewels and force a cough. Jewels = perfect. Later on an X-Ray at one of the nearby facilities and that was it.

The BAT warehouse is huge. Looks small from the outside but the walk to the company clinic is about 1KM. Too bad I didn't see any open cartons lying around. Would have been nice. They should actually place ciggies all around like an easter egg hunt thing.

Anyway, lets see how the blood tests go...

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