Superstar birthday saga: Part I

By UnkleBus

As all humans do, when we want something… we’re very nice to the person who can get that something for us. But some of us never appreciate the trouble it takes to get that something so much that after getting what they want, they forget your deed and flush it down the toilet.

I had no obligation to help except that he was a “friend” and in my book, it means that if I have the capacity to help, I will. But instead he turned around and bit me.

That’s the whole problem when you think you are some “Superstar” but don’t have the cash to live your lifestyle. You tend to act condescending to those around you; those whom you deem are unworthy to be around a famous personality. Superstar you say? Then show me the money.


It gets worse as you move down the food chain. Your groupies make you feel important like the whole ranking system wasn’t based on how good you are on the decks but how many of those you had, how many worship you and would like to lick your balls…

after considering that fact, then take a look at the faces and into the eyes of your “superstar buddies”. Such a front you have to put up. Does it really take so much effort? Then why bother being nice in the first place? Talking behind my back thinking I don’t understand Cantonese and acting as if I begged you for a room to let my friends hang out in. please… Is it because you wanted to get something for cheap but didn’t want anyone else to know you really ARE cheap?

You pay a pretty penny but expect to be treated like royalty.

One of your own people said there was a bad vibe but now I sense a pattern and perhaps I was too quick to summarize judgment on Lanai Gurney. The “bad vibe” was there and I felt it again last night. There was however one constant at both venues. Those of you who were there last night, who have been with us at lanai and have partied with me since way back would know what it was. (Or rather whom it was)

As the more I think of it, the more I see how u may be like the male version of the crow. Acting like he’s all that and oh so “prissy”. Like an only child who didn’t get the last candy cane, throwing a tantrum when something didn’t go right, mommy didn’t buy you that toy you always wanted. Poor, miserable fuck. But I suppose it’s inevitable that you spiral down that hole after all the attention you get.

But in any case I do hope your party was spectacular and that you managed to move up a notch closer to society’s elite. ;)