Superstar birthday saga: Part 2

By UnkleBus
I last posted about the superstar birthday saga on April the 10th 2006 but that was only a part of the story. You'd prolly have guessed that there was nothing to post about since. 8 months down the road, Mr. Superstar still isn't speaking to me.

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me...

A few months after the event, Mr. Superstar messaged me telling me that he had heard something went on that night about my group leaving early and wanted to know what happened. Since it had been a few months after the incident I had put it all behind me and told him it was nothing, that what happened is old news and its nothing to talk about. He replied that he expected me to be honest about things, and that it was what friends do (it was something to that effect). So since he pulled his friendship bullshit I decided to give him a rather condensed but honest version of what happened; mainly that my group particularly me felt chided by him and his groupies... blah blah, to which he answered that he was disappointed, back stabbed by me, etc.

I did not reply then because to me the whole matter had become trivial, a petty thing. I think it was a few weeks or a month later I went to the club where he spins with a friend (who knew him too) and bumped into him. Standing right beside me, refusing to acknowledge my presence or me greeting him, he just went on talking to my friend. Fine, he may have still been sore then. Last weekend I was at the club again with some friends and saw him sitting with some other colleagues of his. I stopped by to say hi to another one of them. I turned around and said hey to him and again it was the same thing.

Is he still sore? poor thing...

What happened after the party should give me the reason to be angry but here he is, huffing and puffing wondering if people are still hanging out with "the loser" a.k.a. me. Let me give you a list of the things I did for him, what happened, and YOU decide if he should be angry at me (Keep in mind that I don't even consider him a good friend) or vice versa.

  • Booked the service apartment for him - he could not make up his mind initially what size to get, so I made at least 6-10 calls changing and reconfirming the rooms. In the end he took the 3 bedroom suite, which I got him corporate rates up to 40% off the normal rate.

  • I asked him if my friends could use one room to chill in earlier in the night. He grudgingly agreed but we were to give up the room if he needed it and only use one particular room so as not to mess up the entire apartment.
  • Made plans to meet him at the service apartment in the afternoon to check-in.
  • When I arrived there I called him, but he was asleep so I checked in for him using my personal details and credit card to secure his room. In effect I paid for Mr. Superstar's birthday suite in advance.
  • A friend of mine followed me to check in to the apartment to chill out, since they wont be coming in till the evening to load some stuff and then after work, which would be after 3am. We set our things in the smallest room available.
  • In the evening he arrived with another colleague of his bringing the drinks. He literally ordered my friend and me to carry the drinks. He gave the friend of mine, a small sized girl, 5 plastic bags worth of drinks and ice. I carried the same amount. Superstar only carried 3 bags (or was it 2?)
  • In the apartment as he was moving stuff into the fridge another friend of mine, a guy arrived. As he came in I introduced him to Superstar but he didn't make the slightest effort to acknowledge and looked right through him. Then I overheard him say quite loudly in Cantonese to his colleague that he "didn't have a choice, since I helped him book the room, he was forced to give up one room".

  • After they were done they headed to work, and the rest of my friends arrived. We chilled in the small room, set up our own sound system and kept things clean. We didn't even touch their drinks.
  • When work ended he and his groupies started to arrive. So many came at one point that the front desk called to say they weren't allowed so many guests and that each extra guest had to be charged RM150 per head. I spoke with the manager and got him to agree not to bill the room for the extra heads.
  • It was then our group felt uncomfortable and decided to leave. We packed up, vacated the room and handed it back to Superstar. Which also showed the front desk that a group of people left his room.

  • A couple of days later he calls up tells me he did not have enough money to pay for the room. The reason was that a couple of items were damaged due to uncontrolled guests. The carpet was burnt and so was the underside of the table. He had to bill my credit card as neither he nor his other "groupies" had enough cash on them to settle it there.

  • I hear stories that one of his guests urinated in the lobby. The staff threatened to call the police over if he did not find a way to clean it up. Luckily he did.

  • I blogged about it. Shortly after, forgot about it and went on with life
  • He paid me back the cash. The total bill was RMx30 something. I made sure I sms-ed him the exact amount down to cents but he paid me only RMx00. He still owes me money.

  • A few weeks later I had a bad feeling about my name being banned from the service apartment because of what happened. I called and tried to reserve a room. I was denied a room even though one was available.

  • A few months later he messages asking what happened, and for me to be honest in my reply
  • I reply honestly but say that its old news and that I've gotten over it. He then tells me that I've back stabbed him and he was disappointed in me after all that he did, which was allow my group to use the room. (it sounded frighteningly familiar with my part 1 post)

  • A while back I heard that he called me "loser"
So I made the calls, used my money first, used my good name to get you a discount. I asked for a room to chill and got your rowdy guests out of trouble. I post on MY personal blog about how I felt and I tell you the truth when you ask because I though you could handle it.

You did jack shit, didn't even have the decency to meet me during check in, trashed the room, ruined my reputation at that establishment, billed my card without asking me first, didn't even bother to acknowledge my friends, acted like we were unwanted guests the whole night. You asked me to be honest, then you call ME a loser. (also backstabber)

I see his point exactly!! My god, it has never been clearer how I could have back stabbed him in. I am so sorry for what happened and will definitely burn in hell for eternity, where the devil will play superstar's mixes to torment me. I BEG YOU FOR FORGIVENESS!!! PLEASE MR DJ! FORGIVE ME. I CANNOT LIVE WITH THIS GUILT... *grin*

Actually, I think superstar is being a pathetic immature bitch. You can quote me.

p/s: I hope "the crow" reads this and shows it to you because knowing you and how often you get news, it will be at least 4 months late.

pp/s: I think your music sounds much better these days compared to a few months back. Feeling threatened?

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