My banner page

By UnkleBus
Last update: 20.09.06

These are the banners that I've made over time. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Moods & Colors 2

Kuachi wanted a banner that made use of this picture. It was taken off flickr. Just a little photomanipulation added

Stuck in reverse

Another simple banner. Photo taken from flickr.

The bloggila (The Godfather)

It was Aran's birthday and I bought him a cigar. He looked like the godfather and thats when inspiration struck. I had to remove the red stripes from his shirt before making the b&w conversion and then applying it back again. Then it was a little manipulation on the fonts.


No description except simple.


Awesome drawing in one of the alleys in Bangsar. It isn't grafiti per se because its stuck on. I guess the artist drew it and enlarged it before sticking it where it was.

In a Daze

Confused, lost, hypnotized? no direction or all at once.

Absolut UnkleBus

Alcohol inspired. Absolut has one of the best Ads in the world, minimalistic yet powerful the hot-bitch he-slut Zouk whore had to jump on the bandwagon. Cheap effects in use here like the peeling off letters.

Green Love

Green love, 'nuff said.

T-Rex ate my IT Manager

This time I got pissed at work and the direction management had taken (or the lack thereof). Stupid tagline and it's made to look like a 1 minute job on purpose because it really did take 1 min.

Snail mail

Another grotesque banner.


The time I made this banner, I felt really tired, almost giving up hope on work because of all that was happening. The image was perfect for a banner.

See the smells v2.5

Aran's camera captured some seriosuly trippy pictures that night at Zouk. Incidentally a raid was carried out that night. This banner is a mashup of 4 different images from that night. Thats actually me on the right wearing a cap and sunnies.

Katamari Damacy

I fell in love with this pic the moment i saw it. There wasn't much editing done, just the stars u see in the sky as well as a little pixel art to extend the hills and clouds. The original was much shorter.

Popculture Inc.

It was my favorite at that time. Simple idea of saving the thumbnails from deviantart and mashing it up into a banner. If you look closely at the pulpfiction thumbnail, you see that they're actually holding two yellow bananas. heh ;)


I made this partially with MSEXCEL to get the brick effect! haha I did a lame screen capture and then edited the results. So retro...

M&C Banner

Very simple banner, clean and attractive. Less is more I say.


The original image was taken from Deviantart and was potrait. The challenge was mashing it into a banner. Lots of masking and transparency effects and it was overkill.


Simple. picture with the title. No effects on the pic, just a slight feather on the fonts


The original picture did not fit the dimension of the banner so I used image transparency to create the effect. The vertical lines were unavoidable so made it part of the final design.


Shamelessly ripped from Aran's flickr. I masked out the skyline and added a zoom effect plus lense flare to the picture. Nice color, a little dark on the title.


This was the first banner for my blog. The original was a time lapse photo of a bay scene, the lines you see are those of a ferry passing by. It has a nice sense of flow to it.