The weekend that was

By UnkleBus

Ronski Speed: Me, Aran, DJ Mervio van der Wong

Lightning shorted out my wifi router last friday, along with the DVD player, water dispenser and astro. Life has been a bitch without entertainment and liquids. Thank goodness I wasn’t home most of the time to reflect my past deeds. I finally fixed the internet late this evening when I swapped the power bricks.

It was good the last weekend, On Friday Enzo, Andre and I were at 101East and we got drunk. Enzo had to leave early for another party so Andre and I proceeded to check out the scene in Velvet; apparently to sober up, which needless to say failed miserably. Lots of people celebrating deepavali and then some.

Saturday was quiet initially but later on managed to drag Aran to Zouk to check out Ronski Speed. We regretted not dressing up velvet was overflowing with chicks. It was full. Nevertheless Mainroom held its own. Ronski was bangin’ that night dropping tracks by above and beyond and err… something else.

There is one thing I’d like to say though, it’s about drama. Human drama. Why on earth do people like to blow things out of proportion when it’s clearly not as bad as it seems? Something happens, then they kick and scream like an infant hoping to get attention. Is the ruckus worth it? just get real, get a life. It isn’t always about you no matter how hard you try.

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