Fawesome - Dunhill 101 East Party

By UnkleBus
Suet invited me to a Dunhill party at 101East in Bukit Bintang last weekend and it was the fbomb, mfsnakes on a fawesome mfplane style. I got turned off initially because we had to dress up but it turned out alrite because everyone came for the event dressed up. We had a welcome baby champagne, followed by freeflow of drinks and some finger food. Everyone turned out to be friendly although at first glance may not have seemed that way. The next one should be even better ;)

Aran, KK, Unkle

dunno who, joon hui, aran, kk

I see longkang people

poser maut

rockstar and the mutant hand infection

oh.. and we discovered Aran's Kryptonite. He so "hearts" champaigne! haha Read about it here

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