Ferry me a lullaby

By UnkleBus
With the looming holidays ahead of us we’ve have a good line up of events coming this side of K.L. I just can’t wait for this Friday when the man who mixed the music during my fantastic first voyage (and that was to the album Passport Kingdom Netherlands CD1) Ferry Corsten, makes his appearance at the Zouk Mainroom.

So on the 23rd of December Ferry (yup, we’re like on first names basis dude haha) will be at Zouk Mainroom, where he’ll be spinning his trancy set. I especially liked how he mixed the smooth sided CD1 of Passport Kingdom Netherlands. Being the no. 5 in the world I hope his set doesn’t disappoint like Armin’s on Dec 9th. As aunt bubbly put it as an “Experimental” set with him spinning the next day at ZoukOUT.

Somehow when it comes to big name DJs spinning, we always have very high expectations. Contrary to that, when Guy Ornadel played a couple of weeks back, I had no expectations of this dude but I must admit I was blown away with his set especially when he dropped teardrop by massive attack. Literally flying, it must’ve been the high coupled with the sudden drop in tempo and sweet melody that literally pulled my soul out thru my throat.

But oops… I digress… Lets just see what Zouk has lined up for us the next few days: -

      23rd Dec: Ferry Corsten (Mainroom) / DJ Pipi (VU)
      24th Dec: Christmas Odyssey:Fono/Gabriel/Raysoo
      25th Dec: Mishmash Ghetto Heaven: Goldfish (Mainroom)
      25th Dec: Mishmash Mambo Jambo: Leonard T (VU)
      31st Dec: I Love NYE:Altered Image/Fono/Raysoo

On a side note, I was speaking to Fono the other day and even though there isn’t a special even listing for the 30th of Dec, he says that he’s been holding back his guns and will be unloading all ammo on that night. Now this is one guy that can pull a crowd to the dance floor faster than shit hits the fan so I believe what he says. Last Saturday he played favorites like breathe, and.. umm.. more (ok laa I don’t know the names!). I’ll definitely be going on the 30th too.

Also a bit of good news was the arrival of a dear old friend. One that made its debut at my birthday party and also during Guy Ornadel’s event. How I’ve missed my dear friend. Rest assured those that have met this friend of mine will love him to bits. Every single crumbling bit! Hehe… so while we wait for Ferry to stoke a storm this Friday, get some rest. God knows you’ll need it.