The weekend wrap-up

By UnkleBus
It was crazy but things will get worse this weekend (in a good way of course). Truly was a party weekend and one which I haven’t had in a long time. Friday night’s event kicked off with Ferry Corsten at Zouk to what seemed to start of as a really shitty night, but turned out well. The whole town was packed and it was jammed everywhere. Traveling was a bitch to say the least but we made it through anyway to get to the party. Going back and forth from home to town about 6 times in a night is no joke and by the time we go there, the crowd had already swelled to a massive organism of sweaty smoky bodies.

Friends turned up, we went in and savored the atmosphere. On normal occasions we would have just left or found a quieter spot upstairs but the DJ was too impressive and managed to keep us near the speakers. I’m sure everyone felt the same because there was absolutely no room to move on the dance floor. We partied but left early for an early calling at another location. One that would bring new experiences and open a few eyes ;)

Saturday however was a quiet affair; we celebrated Perry’s birthday at the BUS with some close friends. It was supposed to be a surprise but the guest of honor turned up a “little” later than expected but we had fun nonetheless. Our friend ink.boy had to stand up when the guests of honor arrived and so was spotted hehe… singing the customary birthday song we then had cake and lots of it. It ended a couple of hours later as we were all still feeling tired and disoriented from the previous night.

The next day we gathered for some good clean fun at the wabbits burrow, somewhere in OUG… I had been assigned the task of bringing KFC and a gift exchange present. It was raining and it was a relief to such a hot blasted day. We ate, then drank and then played some drinking games and drank some more. I was really out of luck that night because I kept on getting the lowest card in the group. After 1.5 pints of absolut fruit punch my bladder took the worse beating… haha. So long since I’ve touched alcohol in that amount. We had other drinks too and again lots of food. We played like drinking games, one being so painful physically that you almost forget how intoxicated you are. So to with “007” a game which is fun because the more you lose, the more you lose.

It’s the end of a long year. Everyone is happy. We’ve made new friends, been to new places, experienced different things and the list goes on. Next week will be the New Year’s weekend where everyone will be partying for the last time in 2005. It has been great and it can only get better in 2006. I’m going all out next week for the last time this year. Who’s coming???

*more pics to come