'ave u seen my balance mate?

By UnkleBus
Tried a new combination at ZoukOUT and let me just say that the effects are good. It was nice & trippy as I found myself wobbly and out of balance but still happy and energetic enough to dance for a couple of hours straight. The downer however, was a different matter. Feeling very distant and moody not to mention lethargic for about 2 days, made it one of the worst downers I've had. Of all the other times, downers have just been just physical (such as getting a migraine) which I could handle. This put a psychological strain on me and I was trying very hard since getting on the bus back to K.L. till Tuesday to control my mood, more so knowing it was a downer.

Two nights I had the weirdest dream where I dreamt of being in Zouk at the VIP area, walked downstairs with a girl in a white dress that what looked like wedding gown. As we were walking down she collapsed, so I think I tried carrying her back upstairs but when we reached the top floor she grabbed me by the neck and tried to strangle me. I was bent over and all I remember from then was waking up and my head and legs shivering/shaking violently as though being electrocuted. It freaked me out... Whether or not it was a side-effect from the downer remains to be seen but this has never happened before! So to comfort myself I made a hot cuppa soup and enjoyed Rambo 3. Ahhh… the simple joys of life, sipping hot soup while watching a brainless mumbling machine-gun totting walking mass of muscle gib sum Russian baddies…

I've been taking my vitamins again, B-Complex and calcium are especially important for neural function because it soothes the nervous system and acts as a conductor (calcium being a mineral). I felt much like my old self again on wed and I'm happy to report the same feeling again today. Haha I think I'll try the combination one more time JUST to verify this and if the same shit happens, then I’ll know for sure. No more 4x combo-hits for me heh.

Enjoy some pics of the ZoukOut Stage. More on that later ;)